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Urban Dead is a free-to-play HTML/text-based massively multiplayer online role- playing game created by Kevan Davis. Set in a quarantined region of the ...


Urban Dead is a free grid-based browser zombie MMORPG game where 30000 zombies and survivors fight for control of a ruined city.


Jul 3, 2015 ... Urban Dead is ten years old today. ... go to Wiki News ...


A Suburb is a named 10 block by 10 block subsection in the city of Malton.


Welcome to the zombie apocalypse of Urban Dead. To play the game, you ...


A description of tropes appearing in Urban Dead. Mrh? A Zombie Apocalypse, free browser-based MMORPG. The game can be played here. Notable in that ...


13. 3. 4. 5. 27.50 MHz: "Reddit survivors: Withymam Street Police Dept. we need you." (3 days ago) (self.Urbandead). submitted 4 months ago by Normal_Man.

Sep 30, 2013 ... Join us on an amazing adventure in the city of malton.


Dakerstown · Jensentown · Quarlesbank · West Boundwood · East Boundwood · Lamport Hills · Chancelwood · Earletown · Rhodenbank · Dulston · Roywood ...

Jan 9, 2012 ... I am the producer of the game for PC and Mac called 'Urban Dead', a survival/ horror shooter for PC, Mac OS and Android. We are currently in ...