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God bless you


God bless you is a common English expression, used to wish a person blessings in various ... A typical polite response after being told "bless you" in response to sneezing is to thank the ...

Superstitions - Sneezing


« Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained :: Superstitions, Strange Customs, Taboos, and Urban Legends :: Superstitions ...

Etymology of Bless You! : snopes.com


Jul 13, 2007 ... Why do we say 'Bless You! when someone sneezes? ... when someone sneezes stems from an ancient desire to safeguard the sneezer's soul or to commend .... Urban Legends Reference Pages © 1995-2016 by snopes.com

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Urban Legends 1.2 is a collection of the Top 100 creepiest urban legends from ..... The development of sneezing superstitions came about due to early man's ...

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Feb 15, 2010 ... All 92 students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED!!!! The student on stage….. ... Posted via email from Urban Legends Online ...

INSPIRATION LINE Trivia and Facts: Bless You After Sneeze


Other explanations are based on superstitions and urban legends about sneezing and what a sneeze entails. Some well known superstitions that may have ...

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Sep 12, 2015 ... I sneeze all the time, and my poor friends feel obligated to say “bless you” every ten seconds. When I was ... This, however, is an urban legend.

Can sneezing cause an orgasm? Is this myth or fact? - Mamamia


Sep 23, 2015 ... There's an urban legend doing the rounds that if you sneeze seven times in a row , you will climax spontaneously. This might have a lot of you ...

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Mar 8, 2013 ... When you sneeze, you reflexively close your eyes as part of the process. Urban legend says you can't open your eyes, even if you want. In fact ...

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For many years, an urban legend has made its way from school to school. It usually goes something along the lines of “if you sneeze with your eyes open, your ...

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Dec 5, 2012 ... Sneezing Bless You God Bless You ... Because people used to worry that sneezing was a prelude to the soul leaving the ... Urban Legends.

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Romans apparently routinely greeted sneezing with a salutation, most often 'May Jupiter be with you!' Roman writers referred back to the legend of Prometheus, ...

is that "Seven Sneezes" thing just an urban legend? - Democratic ...


you know, the thing about how if you sneeze seven times it's the neurological equivalent (or something) of an orgasm.