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A partisan (also partizan) is a type of polearm that was used in Europe in the Middle Ages. It consisted of a spearhead mounted on a long shaft, usually wooden, ...


How to use partisan in a sentence. Example sentences with the word partisan. partisan example sentences.


(adjective) An example of partisan is a left-wing newspaper which supports ... partisan. par·ti·san. Use partisan in a sentence. LINK / CITE ADD TO WORD LIST.


Example sentences with the word nonpartisan. nonpartisan example sentences. ... A non-partisan association for political reform did excellent work from 1890 to ...


How to use partisanship in a sentence. Example sentences with the word partisanship. partisanship example sentences.


How to use partisans in a sentence. Example sentences with the word partisans. partisans example sentences.


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Partisan definition: Someone who is partisan strongly supports a particular person or cause, often without. ... a broad-bladed weapon with a long shaft, used esp. in the 16th cent. Webster's New ... Example sentences containing 'partisan'.


The last time someone told me of partisan politics, she forgot who was established in adjoining states.


10 example sentences for Caucus. Read this page and learn how to use Caucus in a sentence.