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philanthropy in a sentence
We spent a great day learning about philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and some of the amazing work that people are doing in our community.
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Philanthropy means etymologically, the love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing, .... The first use of the noun form philanthrôpía came shortly thereafter (c. 390 BCE), in the ...

Use philanthropy in a sentence | philanthropy sentence examples


How to use philanthropy in a sentence. Example sentences with the word philanthropy. philanthropy example sentences.

Use philanthropic in a sentence | philanthropic sentence examples


How to use philanthropic in a sentence. Example sentences with the word philanthropic. philanthropic example sentences.

Use philanthropist in a sentence | philanthropist sentence examples


How to use philanthropist in a sentence. Example sentences with the word philanthropist. philanthropist example sentences.

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10 example sentences for Philanthropy. Read this page and learn how to use Philanthropy in a sentence.

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Philanthropy means voluntary promotion of human welfare, or charity.) The students who cleaned the park for the benefit of the community displayed.

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Examples of philanthropy in a sentence. For many years, Microsoft has used corporate philanthropy to bring technology to people who can't get it otherwise, ...

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Looking for sentences or phrases with the word philanthropist? ... Three years into his new life as a philanthropist, Balnaves says it's much .... Terms of Use.

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Use 'philanthropy' in a Sentence. You couldn't exactly call Captain Russell rich, but he made a fine living from his merchant ships; and as he donated 20% of his  ...