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Despite all evidence to the contrary, pulchritudinous is used to describe a person of ... It's a good word to use when you'd like someone to *think* you're insulting them. ... skills and thought of a word that can describe his feelings one sentence.

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Dec 14, 2011 ... First, before you read about the word pulchritudinous, try this quick vocab quiz: ... Here's the word pulchritudinous used in a sentence:.

Darling, you look positively pulchritudinous. OW! No, that's a ...

I only just discovered that "pulchritudinous" means "beautiful", and not, as I .... And you probably don't want ot use the word "niggardly" around ...

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Even though it looks (and sounds) like it would describe a disease or a bad attitude, pulchritudinous actually describes a person of breathtaking, ...

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pulchritudinous definition: The definition of pulchritudinous is a way to describe great physical beauty. (adjective) A ... Back. See in a sentence · Example articles.

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Men seem to be inherently attracted by the physiques of pulchritudinous women. A butterfly will always be recognized for its pulchritudinous array of color.

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Looking for sentences or phrases with the word pulchritudinous? Here are some examples.

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Im totally going to use this in a pick up line. ... "Harvey knew that even if she didn't swoon when he called pulchritudinous that he could count on the date-rape ...

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Beauty:. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content. ... pulchritudinous. 1. Pronunciation: /pʌlkrɪˈtjuːdɪnəs/.

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Pulchritudinous definition, physically beautiful; comely. See more.

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