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Feb 27, 2008 ... 100 Very Cool Facts About The Human Body The human body is an incredibly ... that doesn't mean that the human sense of smell is useless.


Feb 22, 2010 ... 50 Incredibly Weird Facts About the Human Body. Posted on .... We have a number of body parts that are, well, useless. Here are some facts ...


Nov 2, 2009 ... In fact there are so many useless facts about the human body, that it would take you months to peruse them all. So, here are a few fun, but ...


Jul 17, 2015 ... 25 Amazing Facts About The Human Body You May Not Be Aware Of ... the hair found on the rest of our body is practically useless and can be ...


Jul 20, 2014 ... The human body is an incredible thing. Some of these facts may be hard to believe, but they are happening, inside of you, right now. ... of hairs on our body as a chimpanzee. Most are useless and so fine that they are invisible.


The Human Body is a treasure trove of mysteries, one that still confounds doctors and scientists about the details of its working. It's not an overstatement to.


Nov 20, 2015 ... 12 Random Facts About The Human Body That Will Definitely Weird You Out ... It's not your fault you're so useless. via Shutterstock. Human ...


The human body is a disgusting and fascinating place… learning how it operate. ... Some facts that are completely useless, unless, you need useless facts.


The largest online collection of random, funny, interesting yet useless facts. ... of all the ants on earth is equivalent to the weight of all the humans on earth.


Jun 4, 2006 ... Useless Facts > Human Body Thanks to Caroline Collier The average human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells.>> There are 45 miles (72 ...