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For other uses, see Nigger (disambiguation). ... 3.1 The N-word euphemism; 3.2 Homophones; 3.3 Intragroup versus intergroup usage. 4 See also; 5 Footnotes ...

Straight Talk about the N-Word | Teaching Tolerance


Much of the commercial hip-hop culture by black males uses the n-word as a staple. White youths, statistically the largest consumers of hip-hop, then feel that ...

The N-Word and How To Use It | Essay | Chicago Reader


There have been times in my life when I've felt very comfortable using the word, but I've also struggled with its usage. And now that I'm a parent I cringe at the ...

Is the 'N-Word' Going Mainstream? - ABC News


The n-word, "nigger," is still pretty much taboo in public discourse. ... The new usage of the word was popularized by "gangsta" rap, music that celebrated West  ...

7 questions black people are tired of hearing about the 'N-word'


Jul 24, 2015 ... 1) Why can black people use the N-word, but we can't? ... a general rule, just avoid the word whenever possible, especially in personal usage.

"N" Word - PBS


While usage of the word in African American culture is complex in that it can be used ... But even if teachers say 'the n word' instead, it's written right there in the ...

The N-word might be part of pop culture, but it still makes me cringe ...


Jun 24, 2015 ... Chris Rock says he has retired his routine on the N-word. .... because of how its in-culture usage has spread to those who are not black and will ...

The n-word: An interactive project exploring a singular word ...


After the National Football League made the controversial decision to ban the n- word on the field this year, a team of Washington Post journalists explored the ...

Jay-Z on the N-word - Video - Oprah.com


Rapper Jay-Z explains why he and his contemporaries feel comfortable using the n-word in their music.

Obama uses N-word, says we are 'not cured' of racism - CNN.com


Jun 22, 2015 ... Barack Obama used the n-word to make a point about racism in America during an interview podcast with comedian Marc Maron on "WTF with ...

Popular Q&A
Q: The use of the N word?
A: It is JUST a word. A word is only offensive if you make it offensive. It is only degrading if YOU make it degrading. Black people have turned the meaning of n**... Read More »
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Q: Use of the N word....?
A: Hell, I don't even correct my brother when he uses the word. It's just that way with family. You can only really treat your own kids like kids and even then you... Read More »
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Q: How do you stop the use of the n word?
A: Just get control of yourself : Good luck. Read More »
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Q: How are students affected by the use of the n word.
A: there not affected by unless they are imature. Read More »
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Q: What do you think about the use of the N word?
A: I am black and it really annoys me! Especially when it is used by rappers. No-one should feel the need to use it; whether black or white. It irritates me that b... Read More »
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