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In the present-day English language, the word nigger is an ethnic slur, usually directed at black ...... The euphemism the N-word became mainstream American English usage during the racially contentious O. J. Simpson murder case in 1995.


Jun 3, 2017 ... Late-night host Bill Maher drew backlash Friday when he said the n-word during a live taping of his HBO show “Real Time.” The comedian ...


Jun 2, 2017 ... Bill Maher used the N-word on Friday night's episode of "Real Time," drawing outrage on social media.


Jun 3, 2017 ... Dean Obeidallah: Bill Maher's tasteless use of the n-word warranted the apology he made. Political comedy often involves provocation, ...


While usage of the word in African American culture is complex in that it can be used affectionately, politically, or pejoratively, the epithet is considered an ...


Jun 3, 2017 ... Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the ... He concluded: “The history of the n-word is an attack on universal ...


Apr 19, 2017 ... Florida state senator uses the N-word to insult black fellow Republicans ... was in an argument with Senator Frank Artiles when word was used ...


Jun 8, 2017 ... Watch Bill Maher Defend Using The N-Word To A Black Woman In 2001 ... “Every African-American person uses that word night and day.


Jul 11, 2017 ... Anne Marie Morris, the MP for Newton Abbot, recorded casually using term at East India Club in London.


Jun 7, 2017 ... Days after Bill Maher casually referred to himself as a "house n***a" on cable television, another white comedian, Jay Mohr, decided it was ...