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Due to its vast size and range of altitudes, Argentina possesses a wide variety of climatic ... Many regions have different, often contrasting, microclimates. In general, Argentina has four main cli...

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Feb 21, 2013 ... Which type of precipitation consists of small clear-to-translucent ice ... The weather behind a cold front is dominated by which of the ... Which of the following processes can produce either rain or snow? ... What type of front usually produces several hours of light-to-moderate precipitation over a large region?

What type of front produces several hours of moderate-to-gentle ...


The Warm Fronts are the one that usually produce several hours of moderate-to- light precipitation over a large region.

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Fetch refers to ______. a large expanse of open water over which the wind blows and .... The precipitation associated with a warm front typically arrives ______ the actual frontal ... Usually ______ fronts produce several hours of moderate-to- gentle ... When a main-sequence star has exhausted the fuel in the inner region,  ...

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loops) depicting large-scale cloud, precipitation and ... On a weather map, H or HIGH symbolizes regions ... several kilometers above the surface, generally ... moisture and usually produce less rain- or snowfall ... front slopes more gently with altitude than does a cold ... warm front occur over a broad band, often hundreds.

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Jul 17, 2016 ... Classification of Fronts. Based on the mechanism of frontogenesis and the ... In some regions like USA tornadoes occur in warm sector. ... fronts cause moderate to gentle precipitation over a large area, over several hours. ... Generally speaking where is the cold air that the cold front brings coming from?

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Precipitation, Showers, Heavy rain or snow, hail sometimes, Showers then ... regions are the high pressure belts in the subtropics, which produce tropical air ... A cold air mass flowing away from its source region over a warmer surface ... Moderate or poor ... Several fronts and semipermanent high and low pressure systems ...

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A cold front is a leading edge of an advancing cold air mass; they are marked on ... The warm air ascends over the cold air in a long gentle slope. .... Large cloud masses have three distinct regions: an ice crystal region near the top ... areas and normally dissipates a few hours after sunrise which stops the radiation effect.

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Mid-latitude or frontal cyclones are large traveling atmospheric cyclonic storms up to ... If the winds are 70 kilometers per hour, the cyclone can be projected to continue its ... Along the gently sloping warm front, the lifting of moist air produces first ... Precipitation is less intense along this front, varying from moderate to lig...

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Aug 10, 2010 ... Along the southern Himalayan front, a strong south-to-north rainfall gradient ... MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) snow-cover data, ..... barrier produces a strong monsoon by insulating warm, moist air over ..... of a half hour to several hours, the data need to be averaged over several ...

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Feb 3, 2014 ... cold front. Usually ______ fronts produce several hours of moderate to gentle precipitation over a large region. cold ... The precipitation associated with a warm front typically arrives ____ of the actual frontal boundary. ahead.

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This term is used to describe clouds that produce precipitation, nimbo. These clouds are often called .... Usually _____fronts produce several hours of moderate-to-gentle precipitation over a large region. warm. Cold fronts and warm fronts in ...

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Usually ______ fronts produce several hours or a day of moderate-to-gentle precipitation over a large region. warm. If you were 200 kilometers ahead of the ...