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Air masses are large bodies of air with similar properties of temperature and humidity that form over source regions. The warm air mass behind a warm front is  ...


Feb 21, 2013 ... The weather behind a cold front is dominated by which of the following? ... Which of the following processes can produce either rain or snow? ... What type of front usually produces several hours of light-to-moderate precipitation over a large region? ... Stationary front- gentle precipitation. Occluded front- ...


The Warm Fronts are the one that usually produce several hours of moderate-to- light precipitation over a large region.


The air mass that is the source of much of the moisture for precipitation in the central and eastern US is labeled as. mT ... Usually ______ fronts produce several hours of moderate to gentle precipitation over a large region. deck-page- img.


Several fronts and semipermanent high and low pressure systems characterize the .... and the stratosphere, centred generally in the polar regions of each hemisphere. ... Precipitation, light-to-moderate rain, snow, sleet, or drizzle, drizzle or none ... the warm air, being lighter, ascends over the cold air in a long gentle slope.


Describe what happens to air as it is lifted over a mountain and travels down from SCE 1257 at ECCD. ... mP Usually, warm fronts produce several hours of moderate to gentle precipitation over a large region. Background image of page 10.


Usually ______ fronts produce several hours or a day of moderate-to-gentle precipitation over a large region. warm. If you were 200 kilometers ahead of the ...


Classification of Fronts * Based on the mechanism of frontogenesis and the associated ... In some regions like USA tornadoes occur in warm sector. ... Such fronts cause moderate to gentle precipitation over a large area, over several hours.


Explain how air masses and weather fronts together form mid-latitude ... entire sky and usually mean a large storm, bearing a lot of precipitation, is coming. ... When the air mass sits over a region for several days, or longer, it picks up .... Severe thunderstorms can last for hours and can cause a lot of damage .... 2 ( Moderate)