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Tranexamic acid in trauma: how should we use it? - NCBI


Napolitano LM(1), Cohen MJ, Cotton BA, Schreiber MA, Moore EE. Author information: (1)Division of Acute Care Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of ...

Tranexamic acid in trauma: How should we use it? - EMCrit


Address for reprints: Lena M. Napolitano, MD, Acute Care Surgery, [Trauma, Burns, .... predictor of HF by Ives et al.34, Cotton et al.32, and Kashuk et al.1, but not ...

Synthesis, Isomer Characterization, and Anti-Inflammatory ...


Mar 21, 2007 ... Ivana Milic , Eva Griesser , Venukumar Vemula , Naoya Ieda , Hidehiko Nakagawa , Naoki ... Srinivas V. S. Chakravartula , Michael Balazy.

Frontiers | Update on Molecular Pathology of Cutaneous ...


Yeh et al. recently described genomic loss, determined with array CGH, of >1 Mbp of ..... (Val600Glu)), in which the valine (V) of codon 600 is replaced by glutamine (E). .... Yeh I, Mully TW, Wiesner T, Vemula SS, Mirza SA, Sparatta AJ, et al. ... Carbone M, Ferris LK, Baumann F, Napolitano A, Lum CA, Flores EG, et al.

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Charli-Joseph Y, Saggini A, Doyle LA, Fletcher CD, Weier J, Mirza S, Vemula S, Leboit PE. ... Mark Jesus M. Magbanuaa, Ritu Royb, Eduardo V. Sosaa, Louai Hauranieha, .... Bozdag S, Li A, Riddick G, Kotliarov Y, Baysan M, et al. ..... Sens- Abuázar C, Napolitano E Ferreira E, Osório CA, Krepischi AC, Ricca TI, Castro NP, ...



May 11, 2012 ... A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ... Al-Ghamdi Saleh Ali Siraj M ..... Napolitano Virginia .... Vemula Swapna .... des Technologies Educatives et des Technologies de l' Information et de la Communication.

New genetic insights highlight 'old' ideas on motor dysfunction in ...


However, a comprehensive review of all dystonia-causing mutations is beyond the scope of this paper and we refer the reader to reviews by Ozelius et al.

Dispensable role for interferon-γ in the burn-induced acute phase ...


Abstract. We examined the role of the pleiotropic cytokine interferon-γ (IFN-γ) in initiating the burn injury-induced acute phase response (APR). Two-dimensional  ...

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INRS ÉMT , INRS Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications, Canada. Ali Akansu. Electrical and ... Département Electronique et physique, Institut National des ..... Naofal Al-Dhahir .... Alexei V. Ivanov .... Antonio Napolitano .... Mahesh Vemula.

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May 16, 2006 ... Naofal Al-Dhahir. Jan Allebach .... Antonio Napolitano. Shrikanth .... Mahesh Vemula ... Presented by: V. Ramasubramanian and Amitav Das.

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SF3B1 and EIF1AX mutations occur in primary leptomeningeal ...


Jan 15, 2016 ... ... in the differential diagnosis of primary versus metastatic melanocytic tumor ..... Griewank KG, Crosby MB, Garrido MC, Vemula S, Wiesner T, et al. ... Carbone M, Ferris LK, Baumann F, Napolitano A, Lum CA, Flores EG, et al.

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Dec 7, 2012 ... Consequently, the study by Onken et al, that assessed monosomy 3 .... Griewank KG, Crosby MB, Garrido MC, Vemula S, Wiesner T et al. ... Article | PubMed |; Calipel A, Abonnet V, Nicole O, Mascarelli F, Coupland SE, Damato B et al. ..... Korb Ferris L, Baumann F, Napolitano A, Lum CA, Flores EG et al.

Latest Developments in the Biology and Management of Uveal ...


... PDF (196 KB) View Article. Invited Commentary. Current Oncology Reports. December 2013 , Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 509-516. First online: 13 October 2013  ...