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Coffee Consumption and Serum Lipids: A Meta-Analysis of ...


Jossa F, Krigh V, Farinaro E, et al. Coffee and serum lipids: ... Gyntelberg F, Hein HO, Suadicani P, et al. Coffee ... van Dusseldorp M, Katan MB, van Vliet T, et al.

Coffee Consumption and Serum Lipids: A Meta-Analysis of ...


Coffee and Serum Lipoprotein Jee et al. ... In 1965, Bellet et al. (14) reported a clinical trial of ... (regular vs. decaffeinated) consumed or method of prepara- .... Van Dusseldorp, 1991a (22) ..... Gyntelberg F, Hein HO, Suadicani P, et al. Coffee ...

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Coffee drinking is part of an individual's lifestyle (Schwarz et al 1994) and is related to many .... frequently than abstainers (53% vs 44%) during more than 6 years of follow-up (Hu et al 2007). .... crossover trial in 45 habitual coffee drinkers (Van Dusseldorp et al 1989). .... [PubMed]; Gyntelberg F, Hein HO, Suadicani P, et a...

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Marijke van Dusseldorp, Jorn Schneede, Helga Refsum, Per M Ueland, Chris MG Thomas, ... described by Parsons et al (11), the macrobiotic adolescents (43.

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Growth in children on a vegetarian diet including. dairy has been ... In contrast, a vegan diet, excluding all animal food. sources, has at least ... M. Van Winckel (*): S. Vande Velde :R. De Bruyne : S. Van .... converting homocysteine and also in the conversion of ..... Dagnelie PC, van Dusseldorp M, van Staveren W, Hautvast J.

Risk of persistent cobalamin deficiency in adolescents fed a ...


As described by Parsons et al (11), the macrobiotic adolescents (43 girls and 50 boys) ..... ↵3 Address reprint requests to M van Dusseldorp, Wageningen Agricultural ... Miller DR, Specker BL, Ho ML, Norman EJ. .... Herbert V. Vitamin B -12.

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Bertoia et al. studied the possible role of alcohol and caffeine intakes in the development ..... result regarding decaffeinated coffee was reported by van Dusseldorp et al., who studied 23 ..... considered that their data could not define whether coffee was just an association vs. having ..... [72] Wu JN, Ho SC, Zhou C, et al.

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Carter JP, Saxe GP, Newbold V, et al. Hypothesis: ... Louwman MW, Van Dusseldorp M, van de Vijver FJ, et al. Signs of ... Miller DR, Specker BL, Ho ML, et al.

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Nov 25, 2013 ... the effectiveness of an intervention (Craig et al., 2008; Malotte et al. ... Elise Dusseldorp, Expertise Group Life Style, Netherlands Organization ..... The p v alue of the between-groups Q statistic indicated ..... Ho, M. H. (2005).

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Gilsing et al.,15 the prevalence of B12 deficiency was the ... studies e v alua ting vitamin. B12 sta tus of vegetarians. Reference. Country ..... Dhonukshe-Rutten RA, van Dusseldorp M, Schneede J, et al. ... Miller DR, Specker BL, Ho ML, et al.