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Each Varilux® progressive lens design offers unique benefits. Whether you suffer with blurry vision, contrast sensitivity, or visual swim, we have a solution.

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Since Essilor created the first progressive lens in 1959, we've led the way in ... designs, except Varilux Physio Enhanced and Varilux Comfort Enhanced. Varilux  ...

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Varilux® Physio® W3+ lenses provide your patients with smooth transitions from distance to near, in addition to sharp vision in low light. Varilux Physio W3+ ...

Varilux Physio and Varilux Physio 360 - AccuVISION


Since 1959, with the invention of the world's first progressives, Varilux has innovated lens technology to advance the standards of vision. Today, this innovation ...

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Provide patients a customized lens design made just for them without additional measurements or equipment. Designed using the next generation of lens ...

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4. 4. Varilux Comfort W2+ eyecode™. Varilux Comfort W2+ Fit. Varilux Comfort W2+. VARILUX S SERIES™ LENSES. NEW VARILUX® PHYSIO® W3+ LENSES .

Our Favorite Progressive Lens: Varilux Physio 360 - Primary Eyecare


Jan 8, 2014 ... If you have struggled with your progressive lens vision in the past, these new lenses from VARILUX® may provide the solution. Since 1959 ...

Varilux Physio Enhanced - The Village Eye Care


Varilux® Physio® Enhanced® The sharpest progressive vision at every distance and every light condition - even at night. A customized lens design made just ...

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Varilux Physio Progressive Lenses Varilux invented the progressive lens, and we offer many of Varilux's best styles for our customers. Save on prescription ...

Varilux Physio 2.0 - Essilor UK


Based on Physiological studies, Varilux Physio 2.0 respects specific eye requirements in every gaze direction and innovates in the three zones oh the lens: ...