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How to Reverse a Vasectomy
The number of reverse vasectomy procedures is increasing. It is a less costly and shorter process than other means of reproduction assistance. Several sudies report higher success rates of reproduction with vasectomy reversals than with In Vitro... More »
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Vasectomy reversal is a term used for surgical procedures that reconnect the male reproductive tract after interruption by a vasectomy. Two procedures are ...


Vasectomy reversal reconnects the pathway for the sperm to get into the semen. Most often, the cut ends of the vas are reattached. In some cases, the ends of ...


A vasectomy is considered a permanent method of birth control. Vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy) reconnects the tubes (vas deferens) that were cut during a ...


Find out the answers to many common questions asked by the patients of top vasectomy reversal surgeon, Dr. Philip Werthman.


Vasectomies can be reversed even after very long periods of time, sometimes after more than 25 years. This guide covers frequently asked questioned about ...


Can you reverse a vasectomy? Yes! Dr. Turek is a top celebrity doctor has published the best vasectomy reversal success rates. TTC is best for reversing!


Vasectomy reversal surgery is an option for most men. Many choose to have a vasectomy reversal procedure after the loss of a child or a remarriage. Though ...


Vasectomy reversal surgery allows men the opportunity to become fertile again. Contact us today to discuss your male infertility treatment options."


Aug 15, 2017 ... When a vasectomy reversal is successful, sperm usually appear in the semen after a few months, but it can sometimes take a year or more.