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Is Vaseline Good For Your Face? | Into The Gloss


Loved by your grandmother but not entirely backed by the beauty community, the debate on whether Vaseline and petroleum jelly is good for your skin is out.

Dry Facial Skin Remedies | Facial Skin Care | Vaseline


However, despite our best intentions, everyday life can wreak havoc on the sensitive skin of the face, and even things like showering can cause dryness and  ...

Does Vaseline Clog Pores & Cause Acne? | Vaseline


dry skin on face. How to Deal with Dry Patches on the Face No one wants irritable, dry, flaky skin on their face! Learn how to combat dry patches here.

I Wore Vaseline on My Face Because Tyra Banks Told Me To - VICE


Jun 30, 2013 ... One time, Tyra Banks gave a bunch of ladies bedazzled jars of Vaseline and told them if they covered their bodies in petroleum jelly they could ...

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Jan 10, 2017 ... Here, we've rounded up the top ten unexpected Vaseline beauty hacks, ... Now find out how to mix up your own hydrating face mask at home: #.

5 Ways Petroleum Jelly Will Improve Your Skin | HowStuffWorks


... jelly (also known as petrolatum, but most of us call it by its trademark, Vaseline) . ... Quick Tips: Are petroleum-based face creams good for sensitive skin?

Petroleum Jelly May Not Be As Harmless As You Think | The ...


Oct 21, 2013 ... What's more, the thick texture makes it difficult to cleanse from the skin, so never slather Vaseline on an unwashed face if you want to avoid ...

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly reviews on Acne.org


Acne.org members rated Vaseline Petroleum Jelly an average of 4.3/5 and 89% of ... BUT I don't believe my face will clear up, only with using Vaseline. I am still ...

Vaseline for the face? - Skin Care Talk - MakeupTalk


Ok I'm only on page 10 of the sticky vaseline but, I have a few questions. Is anyone still using it? Did they get any negative effects? I used to ...

20 Beauty Uses of Vaseline - A Girl's Best Friend - MyThirtySpot


Sep 12, 2011 ... It makes your eyelashes grow: Lather Vaseline all over your ... that Vaseline clogs pores, so smear it all over your face, neck and arms for softer ...