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The Potential Health Risks of a Vegetarian Diet - Diet and Nutrition ...


Sep 13, 2012 ... A vegetarian or full-out vegan diet can certainly be healthy, but there are some important things you need to know to make the switch without ...

The Scary Mental Health Risks of Going Meatless | Women's Health


Dec 2, 2015 ... The Scary Mental Health Risks of Going Meatless. Vegetarianism can come with some unexpected side effects. By Jill Waldbieser December 2, ...

Side effects of becoming vegetarian | MNN - Mother Nature Network


May 2, 2012 ... Eating a vegetarian diet offers numerous health benefits, but some medical studies cite a few potential problems. Judd Handler. May 2, 2012 ...

Health effects of vegan diets - American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


Mar 11, 2009 ... Recently, vegetarian diets have experienced an increase in ... Does the elimination of dairy and eggs offer any additional benefits or .... The sources of protein avoided or consumed by vegans also have definite health consequences. ..... D predict fatal cancer in patients referred to coronary angiography.



Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, ... Because uncontaminated plant foods do not provide vitamin B12 (which is produced .... Critics o...

5 Potential Problems With Vegan Diets - Authority Nutrition


Here are 5 reasons why I think vegan diets may be bad idea from a nutrition perspective. ... Vegans don't get any animal protein, which can have negative effects on body .... If you look at vegan message boards, you will quickly find stories of people who have seen amazing health ... Studies on eggs show no effect either.

Becoming a vegetarian - Harvard Health


Mar 18, 2016 ... A healthy vegetarian diet should be chock-full of foods with known benefits. People become vegetarians for many reasons, including health, religious convictions, concerns ... About two million have become vegans, forgoing not only animal .... which can cause neurological problems and pernicious anemia.

Why You Should Think Twice About Vegetarian and Vegan Diets


Feb 20, 2014 ... Perhaps the biggest problem with vegetarian and vegan diets, however, ..... I would think anemia or serious health issues would be more observable? .... will not really reinforce more chickens being killed than already are.

10 Vegan Diet Dangers (#7 can get you in BIG trouble)! - Butter ...


Learn the vegan diet dangers, and the negative effects on your WHOLE body. ... i also know many vegans and find it hard to believe there are so many health ... Also if you had problems being vegan it's probably that you just get the meat off ...

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Q: Vegetarian Health Problems?
A: It may have nothing to do with your eating habits. Also just because you take vitamins does not mean you are healthy. Contact your doctor for blood work. Get be... Read More »
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Q: What health problems occur very rarely with vegans and vegetarian...
A: For vegans, and here I mean really whole food vegans (no processed food, and even mostly is way better than most people eat), no heart disease, no strokes, diab... Read More »
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Q: Do vegetarians have health problems?
A: What do you mean by "other vegetarians"? If you eat fish, you are not a vegi. True vegis who eat corectly don't have any problems, as they are getting their pro... Read More »
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Q: Do vegetarians have health problems?
A: Recently I have had no appetite and my stomach will hurt on and off. I only eat fish, and I was wondering if any other vegitarians have, or had this problem and... Read More »
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Q: What is the most common health problem with vegetarians?
A: One of the most common health problems is upset stomach. Eating nothing but peanuts for protein will definitely do Read More »
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