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Cookie Monster is a Muppet on the long-running children's television show Sesame Street. ..... Me don't remember me real name… maybe it was Sidney?


As evidenced by years of history on Sesame Street, Cookie Monster has never eaten "only cookies." In fact, he has proven that he will eat just about anything.


Is Sesame Street's Cookie Monster being replaced by Veggie Monster?


May 29, 2009 ... Cookie Monster raps about healthy food. Sesame Street is a .... The origin of the " Veggie Monster" urban legend.. Read more. Show less.
Apr 5, 2011 ... There's nothing that bothers me that the fact that everyone thinks this rumor is true.


Jan 11, 2017 ... The song may have prompted the whole Veggie Monster rumor, however, it was in fact Hoots the Owl who sang the song, with Cookie monster ...


Aug 5, 2013 ... Today, we're giving you the real story behind 10 of the biggest 'Sesame ... The Legend: Cookie Monster has been turned from a gluttonous, ...


Sep 19, 2014 ... Cookie Monster used to have big pointy teeth, although this was when the ... Until 1985, the adults on “Sesame Street” believed Snuffy wasn't real. ... According to legend, he tossed Elmo around, only to have Kevin Clash pick ...