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The velocity of an object is the rate of change of its position with respect to a frame of reference, and is a function of time. Velocity is equivalent to a specification ...



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Just as distance and displacement have distinctly different meanings (despite their similarities), so do speed and velocity. Speed is a scalar quantity that refers to ...

Definition: Velocity is a vector measurement of the rate and direction of motion or, in other terms, the rate and direction of the change in the position of an object. The scalar (absolute value) magnitude of the velocity vector is the speed of the motion. The most ... More »
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The average speed of an object is defined as the distance traveled divided by the time elapsed. Velocity is a vector quantity, and average velocity can be defined ...

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Mechanics. the time rate of change of position of a body in a specified direction. 3 . the rate of speed with which something happens; rapidity of action or reaction.

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Q: What is velocity?
A: Velocity is speed in a given direction. ( Speed = Distance/Time ) Forwards Slash means Divide . The Mathemical Formula of Velocity is ( Velocity = Change in dis... Read More »
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Q: What is an velocity?
A: Velocity is the measure of increasing and decreasing speed. For example... on a velocity graph, if the object being measured is gradually getting faster the lin... Read More »
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Q: How to Calculate Maximum Velocity.
A: Whether the problem involves a baseball, a rocket or a wayward car, you've been given an equation for velocity and asked to find its maximum - and perhaps the t... Read More »
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Q: How to Calculate Instantaneous Velocity.
A: Instantaneous velocity is defined as the rate of change of displacement at any given time. If the displacement or acceleration of an object is known as a functi... Read More »
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Q: How to Calculate Escape Velocity
A: 1 Determine the mass and radius of the planet you are on . For Earth, assuming that you are at sea level, the radius is 6.38x10^6 meters and the mass is 5.97x10... Read More »
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