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The Socials and the Greasers were different in many ways. There are a few that are obvious and others that are not. First, there is the issue of money. Socials ...

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May 12, 2011 ... five things the socs and greasers have alike from the book the outsiders.

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The Soc (social climbers, socialites) are the west side rich kids. For fun they like to jump Greasers and throw beer blasts.

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I'm not sure how you spell it, but [Socs] is the abbreviation for Socials, the West- side rich kids. It's like the term greaser that's used to class all us boys on the East  ...

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They are seen by following two rival groups, the greasers and the Socs ( pronounced "soashes" by the author, short for Socials), ... Writing in a Venn Diagram. 2.

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Use the following t-chart to list the character traits of Greasers and Socs. Be sure to use SPECIFIC .... the Venn diagram below, list the following: A. things that are  ...

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Nov 30, 2011 ... Create a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between the Soc's and .... Explain why the Greasers are jealous of the Socs.3.

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Apr 3, 2014 ... The book for the Puffin category was the Outsiders. The cover design acts as a venn diagram for the Socs' and the Greasers in comparison.

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In The Outsiders, the wealthy teenagers make up the Socs, and the low class youths make up the Greasers. Both gangs are rivals, constantly fighting to try and  ...

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Nov 19, 2007 ... Using a Venn diagram will help the students see the similarities and differences .... explain why you believe the Socs and Greasers refuse to be.

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Nov 8, 2013 ... Let's look at the opposition first. The difference between Socs and Greasers is outlined for the reader in the opening chapter by Ponyboy, who is ...

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... "Socs" is the name for the rich, cool kids, and "Greasers" is what the kids from the ... Venn Diagram on the Socs and Greasers · Greaser Gang · Greaser Look ...

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A Venn Diagram to compare the two major social groups in The Outsiders.