The State Flower of Vermont is the Red Clover (Trifolium pratense).
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The US state Vermont has many symbols, some officially codified by legislation ( mineral, flower, bird, beverage, pie, mammal, song, insect, tree, and fish), and ...

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Vermont State Flower large size graphic image and history.

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The Vermont state flower is the red clover. It became the state flower in 1895. The red clover represents Vermont's farms and fields.
The Red Clover was designated as the official state flower on February 1, 1895. Both an integral part of many a cultivated hay field and a common sight along numerous Vermont roadsides, the Red Clover is symbolic of Vermont's scenic countryside generally and of its da... More »
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Facts about Vermont State and Red Clover Flowers, it includes with interesting information about Vermont state and its uses for medical properties & therapeutic  ...

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Aug 24, 2012 ... Learn the interesting history and meaning behind Vermont's state flower, the Red Clover. Article comes complete with fun facts and trivia.

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Red Clover. Vermont designated red clover (Trifolium pratense) as the state flower in 1894. Vermont. Images. The same red clover flower - still close up - photo ...

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Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Vermont - places to see in Vermont ... State Flower ... Typical Landscape for Tunbridge - Vermont State Soil.

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Vermont was the 14<sup>th</sup> state in the USA; it became a state on March 4, 1791 . ... date of statehood, state bird (draw and write), state flower (draw and write), ...

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Q: What is vermonts state flower?
A: No. 159 of the Acts of 1894, effective February 1, 1895, designated the Red Clover as Read More »
Q: Vermont state flower?
A: red clover Read More »
Q: Vermont state flower?
A: Vermont state flower - red clover (or call Trifolium pratense) Trifolium pratense (Red Clover) is a species of clover, native to Europe, western Asia and northw... Read More »
Q: Is it illegal to dig up the Vermont state flower?
A: yes and im going to dob you in! Read More »
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