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vertical angle
one of two opposite and equal angles formed by the intersection of two lines.
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Vertical Angles - Math is Fun


Vertical Angles are the angles opposite each other when two lines cross. " Vertical" in this case ... The interesting thing here is that vertical angles are equal:  ...

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By using our knowledge of supplementary, adjacent, and vertical angles, we can solve problems involving the intersection of two lines. Including this one!

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As can be seen from the figure above, when two lines intersect, four angles are formed. Each opposite pair are called vertical angles and are always congruent.

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After completing this lesson, you will be able to identify and draw vertical angles. You will also be able to state the properties of vertical...

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Complementary angles are two angles with a sum of 90º. Supplementary ... Vertical angles are two angles whose sides form two pairs of opposite rays. We can ...

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Vertical angles explained with examples , pictures, an interactive program and a practice quiz.

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What is vertical angles theorem? Explanations and proof on this site.

Vertical Angles - MathBitsNotebook (Geo - CCSS Math)


Vertical angles are located across from one another in the corners of the "X" formed by two straight lines. In the diagram at the right, lines m and n are straight: