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Refrigeration and the lack of it was still a problem which everyone in the Victorian era had to endure. Food was therefore bought locally and consumed within a ...


By the Victorian era, there was a strong separation between the family and the servants. The family, even in middle class homes, no longer ate with the servants.


A few more foods around a Victorian kitchen. Some prepared foods are much older than people realize. ..... Historical foods (pictures from the Victorian era)


And that's how I became the owner of a calf's head; and I knew exactly what I was going to make with it once it got my hands on it: the mysterious Victorian ...


In the Victorian Era, like today, ladies magazines were popular, and like today, ... The above will be found very wholesome and satisfactory food for children.


At the beginning of the 19th century almost all food was still produced locally, and since four-fifths ... Beer was by far the most popular drink in Victorian England.


Victorian Era Foods Facts:Victorian Era Food for Rich and Poor,Victorian Period Christmas Food,Breakfast,Supper.


Nov 28, 2007 ... Some other food that was used in the Victorian (judging by when these words were first used in the English language,) are: crêpes, consommé, ...


Victorian Era Breakfast Recipes: 11 Morning Meals From The Past .... I suppose, one of the most famous food dishes in Jane Austen's works, almost on a par ...


Jan 6, 2013 ... Here are ten weird foods you could purchase in old times - if you possessed a curious palate and a strong stomach.