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Larissa Schuster | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers


On July 11, Detectives Vince Weibert and Larry Kirkhart drove over to search Tim Schuster's house they found Tim's gun stuffed in the cushions of a living room ...

BAO 2016 | Frontline Gaming


Mike Hancho, 9. Trevor Van Cleave, 9. Doc Dragon, 9. Josh De Valle, 9. Peter Stefancile, 9. Vince Price, 8. Colin Ward, 8. Alexander Villagra, 8. Vince Weibert, 8.

Girl and toddler hit by truck in Clovis | abc30.com


Jul 21, 2016 ... But you always gotta be on guard when you're out there," said Sgt. Vince Weibert, Clovis Police Department. Officers shut down the nearby ...

Bad Chemistry - Dateline NBC - Crime reports | NBC News


Sep 18, 2009 ... Vince Weibert: He-- possibly committed suicide. A man who's going through a divorce-- who's having child custody issues, who may be having ...

California's Deadliest Women (sample) by Kent Sorsky - issuu


Jul 22, 2016 ... Checking out the report, Detectives Vince Weibert and Larry Kirkhart arrived at the scene and when they checked the messages on Tim's ...

Joaquin Buckley's Trip to Bellator by Joaquin Buckley - GoFundMe


Sep 15, 2016 ... Vince Weibert. 3 months ago. Get em Buck!!! More Share. CP. $50. Chris Purcell. 3 months ago. Go gettem kid! I'm very proud of you, keep up ...

Strategicon- 2016 Orccon Winners


Campaign Trail, Kyle Greenwood. Campaign Trail, Chris Hines, Veronica Hines. Carcassonne, Darrell Stark, Eric Downing, Vincent Weibert, Alfonso Weilbach.



Feb 28, 2011 ... When Detectives Vincent Weibert and Larry Kirkhart entered Timothy's house later that afternoon, they found some damage to the “pony wall” ...

Origins Pictures


... Phelps (Big_Lizard) Checkered shirt/jeans: Mike Filsinger (Senior ADB Tournament Judge) Tan shirt/moustache: Vince Weibert Bald head on sofa: Steve Cole ...

Irish Creme Stout - Brew Your Own


... much to add to the secondary. Remember, most of these are corn-sugar based, and the sweetness will be reduced in the brew." - Vince Weibert, Clovis, Calif.