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As you might think, bacterial infections are caused by bacteria, and viral infections are caused by viruses. Perhaps the most important distinction between  ...


Apr 10, 2015 ... Bacterial and viral infections have many things in common. Both types of infections are caused by microbes -- bacteria and viruses, respectively ...


Feb 29, 2012 ... Both viruses and bacteria cause infections, but antibiotics only work against bacteria. ... Are more contagious than bacterial infections. (If more ...


Oct 10, 2013 ... As the names imply, bacterial infections are caused by bacteria and viral infections are caused by viruses. The main difference between the two ...


Treatment is usually a course of antibiotics (which don't work against viruses). Bacterial infections can be highly contagious and so you need to take special care ...


Oct 20, 2014 ... Many common bacterial infections are not spread to others. ... Shingles contagious for chicken pox, 14-16, Onset of rash until all sores have crusts 7 days Note: No ... Sore throat, viral, 2-5, Onset of sore throat until fever gone.


Aug 21, 2014 ... Bacterial sinusitis can sometimes develop following a viral upper respiratory infection (such as a cold or flu). Common bacteria that cause sinus ...


Many bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, but they are useless against viral infections.


Your GP may prescribe antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection. However, they are not prescribed for viral infections, because they do not work on viruses.