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Scintillating scotoma


Scintillating scotoma, also called visual migraine, is the most common visual aura preceding ... Many variations occur, but scintillating scotoma usually begins as a spot of flickering light near or...

Ocular Migraines Explained - All About Vision [Animation]


Excellent visual representation of ocular migraines, also called ophthalmic ... vision with bright, flashing or flickering lights (scintillations), or wavy or zig-zag lines ...

Visual Aura - University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center


A translucent semicircle with a jagged edge starts to the left of center in the visual field as a barely ... Here is what the visual aura of migraine looks like to the patient. ... Others report stationary shining spots or lines or just blurred vision.

What Are the Causes of Flashing Lights in the Left Eye Followed by ...


Mar 11, 2011 ... Visual disturbances may also manifest as jagged or wavy lines or other shapes; tunnel vision; blind spots in one or both eyes; or distorted views ...

Definition of Eyes, flashing lights in the - MedicineNet


Flashes of light that appear as jagged lines or "heat waves" in both eyes, often lasting 10-20 minutes, are different. They are usually caused by migraine, ...

Silent Migraines: Symptoms, Causes, Tests, and Treatments - WebMD


Aura. The phenomenon called aura is best known for its unusual visual symptoms. ... wavy or jagged lines; flashing lights; dots or spots in your vision; blind spots ...

CNIB - Floaters and Flashing Lights


Floaters are dark specks in the form of dots, circles, lines, or cobwebs that seem ... If you see jagged lines of light that last 10 to 20 minutes and happen in one or ...

Flashes and Floaters - DJO | Digital Journal of Ophthalmology


These are usually shimmering, jagged lights that are present constantly for a ... of your field of vision, and progress slowly towards the edges of the visual field.

Visual Disturbances | National Headache Foundation


Oct 25, 2007 ... Fortification spectra or teichopsia are the bright, shimmering, jagged lines that can spread across the visual field. The name fortification spectra ...

Pulsating, flashing, jagged arc... - Eye & Vision Message Board ...


Nov 5, 2011 ... ... mostly clear flashing light, crumpled and jagged around the edges. ... Does this type of visual disturbance sound familiar, can anyone tell me ...

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All You Need To Know: Bright Lights and Jagged Lines


Aug 27, 2010 ... Visual migraine is like a temporary loss of vision associated with bright flashing lights and jagged geometric lines. It is not a blacking out of ...

Ocular Migraine or Visual Migraine - Eye Care


Ocular (visual) migraines and migraines resulting from eye strain are similar ... The patient may also experience a migraine headache, light sensitivity or nausea .

Wavy Lines In Vision (Zig Zag), Causes and Treatments ...


Most of us take our vision for granted, as we do with our other senses. Common visual disturbances like short-sightedness are easily corrected these days with ...