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It can broadly be subdivided into (1) short or long aerobic versus anaerobic INT and (2) short ... Second, Hendriksen and Meeuwsen highlighted a 5% increase in peak power output ... Third, Dufour et al reported an improved endurance performance capacity in ..... Hoppeler H, Vogt M. Muscle tissue adaptations to hypoxia.


Effects of dietary fat on muscle substrates, metabolism, and performance in athletes. Vogt M(1), Puntschart A, Howald H, Mueller B, Mannhart C, Gfeller- Tuescher L, ... volume of mitochondria per volume of muscle fiber (HF: 9.86 +/- 0.36 vs LF: ...


Jul 4, 2011 ... This phenomenon is called neocytolysis (Rice et al., 2005; Risso et al., 2007). ... blood EPO level reaches its peak value and then it progressively ... V̇E max was noted in research on swimmers (Truijens et al., 2003; ..... The change in sea level performance after altitude training was not ... 2006, Vogt et al.


Mar 1, 2011 ... However, in the newest study, Hamlin et al., 2010 reported an increase in ... IHT may also improve anaerobic exercise performance (Bonnetti et al., 2006; .... of VO2 or a gradual decrease in peak VO2 during the maximal workload. .... < 0.05) increases in values of average speed (Vavg) during TT, by 2.8%.


Dec 2, 2008 ... Inserts show UV/Vis spectra of peak 2, λmax 346 and peak 3, λmax 357. ... High- performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyses revealed that ... however, for both substrates the turnover number kcat (or Vmax) should be the same. ..... Kiefer C,; Hessel S,; Lampert JM,; Vogt K,; Lederer MO,; et al.


Vogt et al.: The Costs of Maintaining and Not Maintaining the Urban Forest ..... planting situations (e.g., street versus park trees). Figure 3. ..... and other performance criteria [e.g., cost-effective- ... would offset peak demand ( McPherson et al.


Jun 1, 2014 ... Eccentric muscle contractions enhance the performance during the concentric phase .... During the preseason period of team-sport athletes, Cook et al. ... has the potential to shift peak torque toward greater muscle lengths (16, 28). ..... The effects of eccentric versus concentric resistance training on muscle ...


M. VOGT,1 A. PUNTSCHART,1 J. GEISER,2 C. ZULEGER,2,†. R. BILLETER,1 ... tudes to attain peak performance at altitude (1, 4). ... cell mass and V˙O2 max, whereas “living high-training high” or .... (8), as described by Puntschart et al. (30) .


improve visual performance. ... afforded by the sensitizing pigment vs the sensitivity drop by ... fed flies, the UV peak can be distinctly higher than that in the blue-green, possibly indicating binding of more than one sensitizing pigment molecule per rhodopsin (Hamdorf et al., .... granules the spectrum measured by Vogt et al.


Corresponding author V. Lecoultre: Department of Physiology, University of Lausanne, Bugnon 7, CH-1005 ... performance (Hoppeler et al. ... (Hoppeler & Vogt, 2001; Vogt et al. ...... before the cyclists would have reached peak performance.