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Volatile memory

Volatile memory, contrary to non-volatile memory, is computer memory that requires power to maintain the stored information; it retains its contents while ...

What is Volatile Storage? - Definition from Techopedia

Volatile storage is a type of computer memory that needs power to preserve stored data. If the computer is switched off, anything stored in the volatile memory is ...

What is volatile memory? - Definition from

Volatile memory is computer storage that only maintains its data while the device is powered. Most RAM (random access memory) used for primary storage in ...

Volatile storage - definition of volatile storage by The Free Dictionary storage

Define volatile storage. volatile storage synonyms, volatile storage pronunciation, volatile storage translation, English dictionary definition of volatile storage.

Non-volatile storage - The Free Dictionary storage

Noun, 1. non-volatile storage - computer storage that is not lost when the power is turned off. nonvolatile storage · flash memory - nonvolatile storage that can be  ...

Non-volatile storage - storage

storage (NVS, persistent storage, memory) A term describing a storage device whose contents are preserved when its power is off. Storage using magnetic ...

What is volatile memory? - Computer Hope

Volatile memory is a type of storage whose contents are erased when the system's power is turned off or interrupted. For example, RAM is volatile; meaning  ...

Volatile and Nonvolatile Storage Devices - MSDN - Microsoft

Oct 18, 2006 ... The deployment of a bootable run-time image onto a device requires a file system on a storage device that has read/write capability.

What is Non-volatile? - Computer Hope

Non-volatile. NV or Non-volatile is a term used to describe any memory or storage that is saved regardless if the power to the computer is on or off. The best  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is volatile storage?
A: ( ′väl·əd·əl ′stör·ij ) (computer science) A storage device that must be continuously supplied with energy, or it will lose its retained data. Also known as vol... Read More »
Q: What is a volatile storage?
A: volatile storage: computer storage that is erased when the power is turned off Read More »
Q: What is the meaning of volatile storage?
A: volatile storage: computer storage that is erased when the power is turned off Read More »
Q: What device is considered a volatile storage?
A: Normally Volatile memory or storage is the real memory in the computer. It is volatile because if the power fails or is turned off the memory (RAM) is erased or... Read More »
Q: What is considered to be volatile storage on a computer.
A: Volatile storage is computer storage that is erased when the Read More »