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Konohanasakuya-hime or Konohananosakuya-hime in Japanese mythology, is the blossom-princess and symbol of delicate earthly life. She is the daughter of the mountain god Ohoyamatsumi. ... Konohanasak...

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May 9, 2015 ... Mount Fuji is a volcano that towers over Japan. ... According to the legend, Mount Fuji's fires were ignited by an Emperor who was love sick ...

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Mt. Fuji is named for the Buddhist fire goddess Fuchi and is sacred to the Shinto ... Mount Fuji is a volcano, which geologists estimate was created 600,000 years  ...

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Mount Fuji is the tallest volcano and the highest mountain in Japan .... Shugendo myths relate that the first ascent of Mount Fuji was made in 663 C.E. by the ...

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It is arguably the most perfect volcano cone in existence... ... According to early myths Mt. Fuji was first climbed by the wizard-sage En no Gyoja around 663 AD.

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Mount Fuji is a classic cinder cone, built up by a stratovolcano. The mountain is notable for its symmetrical cone-shaped profile, which is characteristic of ...

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May 20, 2013 ... Until 1868 women weren't allowed to climb Mt. Fuji. According to legend, Mt. Fuji used to be the abode of a fire goddess who would be jealous ...

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Mt Fuji facts tell us the history of the ancient 8 peaked volcano. Facts about Mount Fuji Japan reveal it is also privately owned by Shinto priests.

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Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan, was formed by a series of volcanic eruptions that occurred over approximately the last 100000 years. Geologists ...

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Mount Fuji is currently classified as dormant, but eruption is possible again at some point in the future. Currently, the volcano exhibits no signs of activity, ...

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From the beginnings of recorded history in Japan, Mt. Fuji has been important to Japanese culture, tradition, myth and legend (2). The mountain was considered ...

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The Japanese Shinto way of mountain worship, with excepts on the folklore of the Mt. ... myth about Konohana Sakuya Hime, the principal goddess of Mount Fuji. ... she entered a benign bower [in the volcano] and miraculously gave birth to a ...

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Jun 22, 2013 ... Saiboku on which people's wishes are written are cast into a fire by ascetic devotees. The wishes are believed be absorbed into Holy Mt. Fuji.