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Voluntarism may refer to: Voluntarism (action), any action based on non-coercion ; Voluntarism (philosophy), a perspective in metaphysics and the philosophy of ...

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Voluntarism. Voluntarism is the theory that God or the ultimate nature of reality is to be conceived as some form of will (or conation). This theory is contrasted to ...

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Voluntarism (Latin voluntas, will) in the modern metaphysical sense is a theory which explains the universe as emanating ultimately from some form of will.

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Voluntarism definition, Philosophy. any theory that regards will as the fundamental agency or principle, in metaphysics, epistemology, or psychology. See more.

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Voluntarism is the metaphysical and epistemological view that regards the will as superior to the intellect and to emotion, and that will is the basic factor, both in ...

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Jul 2, 2002 ... To be a theological voluntarist is to hold that entities of some kind have at least some of their moral statuses in virtue of certain acts of divine will ...

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1 : the principle or system of doing something by or relying on voluntary action or volunteers. 2 : a theory that conceives will to be the dominant factor in ...

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Voluntarism is the classical compatibilist definition of freedom as freedom from coercions. Today this negative freedom includes freedom from internal ...

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Voluntarism, any metaphysical or psychological system that assigns to the will ( Latin: voluntas) a more predominant role than that attributed to the intellect.

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voluntarism A term usually contrasted with determinism, voluntarism denotes the assumption that individuals are the agents of their actions, and have some ...

Philosophy. any theory that regards will as the fundamental agency or principle, in metaphysics, epistemology, or psychology.
the principle or practice of supporting churches, schools, hospitals, etc., by voluntary contributions or aid instead of relying on government assistance.
any policy or practice based on voluntary action.
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voluntarism | Define voluntarism at Dictionary.com
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