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Nov 2, 2010 ... Instruction for voting will come with your ballot package. ... at the check-in table, take you ballot from the poll worker to the voting booth. 2.


Jan 16, 2013 ... Instructions for the use of optional features such as a voter verified paper audit trail have been included when applicable, although particular ...


You enter the voting machine by parting and walking through the curtain. The curtain will fall closed behind you after you enter the booth. It is securely fastened  ...


A judge of election will determine the ballot on which you are qualified to vote and, after initialing it, will give it to you and direct you to a voting booth.

Mar 31, 2009 ... The ReadyVote™ offers polling place solutions which were developed with these fundamental concepts in mind: This unique booth is the easiest to set up in the... ... Voting Instructions: A Step by Step Guide - Bergen County ...


VOTING INSTRUCTIONS. Partisan Offices: Partisan primaries are held to nominate candidates to partisan offices. If a partisan primary appears on the ballot, you ...


Voting Booth Instructions Forms. AutoMARK · AutoMARK - General Election · Express Vote · Express Vote – General Election · ImageCast Precinct - ATI


Voting Machines, how to use a voting machine. ... up of Ballot Positions. Instructions are also printed (below County Clerk Haines's hand) in case you forget what to do. ... By the way the rule is only one person in the booth at a time. ( Although ...


Mark-A-Vote Booth Instructions. Assembly Instructions. Release latches of “ suitcase-style” booth; lift lid. Picture of booth lid being held open. Note: Do not allow ...


the voting booths in a way that makes it impossible for one voter to see .... check the voting booth to make sure that ..... ballot pursuant to the instructions for the.