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Ethical intuitionism


Ethical intuitionism (also called moral intuitionism) is a family of views in moral epistemology At minimum, ethical intuitionism is the thesis that our intuitive awareness of value, or intuitive kn...

William David Ross (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Aug 12, 2010 ... Sir William David Ross (1877–1971) made significant contributions to ... In the introduction to the sixth edition of Aristotle, J. L. Ackrill maintains that Ross 'made his .... Ross believes that we have a duty of fidelity, that is, a duty to keep ..... Virtue, knowledge and pleasure are states of mind, while justic...

Ross' What Makes Right Acts Right?


Oct 28, 2013 ... Here we combine aspects of Mill and Kant in what Pojman calls an ... [2] Against utilitarianism, Ross contends that we have an intuitive knowledge of the rightness and ..... The selection is a substantial portion of Chapter II of W.D. Ross, The ... Here Feldman maintains that Ross' theory is unlike the “monistic” ...

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Feb 26, 2011 ... B) we have a general duty to perform (or to avoid performing) actions of these general kinds. ... W. D. ROSS'S SYSTEM OF PRIMA FACIE DUTIES ... Our moral decisions should be guided by our intellectual intuition. We ... Kant maintains that what is unique and special for us is that we can act on principle.

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Oct 4, 2013 ... Since intuitionism assumes that we are capable of moral knowledge, it is to be .... (W.D. Ross, The Foundations of Ethics, 1939, 18) ... In response, intuitionists can maintain that moral principles are known a priori. ... In response, some intuitionists have claimed that intuition requires only an ability to grasp ...

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W. D. Ross, The Right and the Good, 1930. ... 'productive of so and so'; for it cannot with any plausibility be maintained that it .... But even when we have come to recognize the duty of beneficence, .... So too with a given piece of knowledge. ..... and that we do not know either by intuition, by deduction, or by induction tha...

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Sep 21, 2015 ... --W.D. Ross, The Right and the Good I want to say a few things about ... which it is for philosophy to prove or disprove, but knowledge from the start. ... It is irrelevant to the role I am assigning moral intuitions that we may be wrong .... is at too intellectual a level for them to have such an effect, and for anothe...

Deontological Ethics - Todd Ganson


Proponents of deontological theories maintain that certain kinds of actions ... Right of Autonomy: We have the right not to be used as mere means without our consent. ... Most people have the intuition that it is morally impermissible to kill the one person in the case of ... Illustration of an agent-centered approach: W. D. Ross.

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Re-Appreciating W. D. Ross: Naturalizing Prima Facie Duties and a Proposed Method ... For example, what is the source of intuitive knowledge? ... We hope theorists can work out their justifications, but for now we have real people facing ...... Honesty: Maintain a commitment not to knowingly and intentionally communicate ...

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I have said that moral judgments must in the end rest upon an "intuitive" judgment of some sort. .... which does not apparently exist in the case of knowledge of what we feel. ..... Many years ago W. D. Ross presented the philosophical community with a .... But beyond that, ordinary people maintain a strong moral repugnance ...

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Sir William David Ross was a British philosopher, college administrator, WW I .... to punch holes in the theory of universals as maintained by the young Socrates. ... we grasp moral truths “intuitively,” as if via some type of innate knowledge or ...... What he claims is that we have an intuitive (that is, non-inferential or proto- or  ...



lying and promise-keeping very similar to Ross's prima facie duties.1 With ... Ross likens our knowledge of basic moral principles to our knowledge of the axioms and ... it is sometimes right to tell a lie or to break a promise, it must be maintained .... according to merit and we have a prima facie duty to upset this distribution....

The Good in the Right: A Theory of Intuition and Intrinsic Value ...


Ross and his intuitionist brethren are not the only historical figures from which Audi .... Audi rightly notes that when one has intuitive knowledge of a self-evident ..... Furthermore, surely Audi cannot maintain that we should never adopt the .... ( London: George Allen and Unwin 1971), 262-82, and W.D. Ross, The Right and the .....