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List of aircraft of World War II - Wikipedia


The List of aircraft of World War II includes all the aircraft used by those countries which were at war during World War II from the period between their joining the ...

A History of WW2 in 25 Airplanes | Military Aviation | Air & Space ...


Combat aircraft that were everyday companions to airmen in the World War II generation have become extraordinary treasures to many in the next: symbols of  ...

World War 2 Aircraft (1939-1945) - Military Weapons


Listing of all aircraft used during World War 2 with history text, performance specifications and photograph images.

American World War 2 Planes


Two years after the outbreak of WW2, the USA declared war to the Axis ... to the Allied Forces, mainly Britain and the Commonwealth countries like Australia, ... and would later constitute the backbone of the strategic bomber command, the deterance arm of US military aviation. ... circles around them without firing a shot.

Air warfare of World War II - Wikipedia


The air warfare of World War II was a major component in all theatres and, together with ... They both built a powerful naval-air component based on aircraft carriers, .... that air power alone will...

The Airplane: What Would Modern Life Be Without It? | AirlineGeeks ...


Oct 30, 2015 ... Now, what would life be like if the airplane never existed? A scary question indeed, but one that begs to be asked. Well, first off, things would be ...

World War II for Kids: WW2 Aircraft - Ducksters


Fighter planes are designed for air-to-air combat. They are fast and agile. During World War II fighter planes were used to gain air superiority over a battlefield.

Great Aircraft of History - World War Two and more - Acepilots.com


While I started this site with a focus on WW2 fighters and aces, my interests have ... There were two main types of engines used in World War Two airplanes: ...

WWII Aircraft Facts | World War II Foundation


Most Americans who were not adults during WWII have no understanding of the magnitude of it. This listing of some of the aircraft facts gives a bit of insight to it.

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Q: Did Italy have any good planes in WW2? - Quora
A: While Italy's airplane technology was cutting-edge in the 1930s, slowness in replacing the outdated radial engines with the more modern and powerful in-lin... Read More »
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Q: Why are there so few WW2 aircraft existing or still airworthy? - ...
A: They were mass produced and surely todays engineering technology would ... Here's an interesting observation on design from Colin Chapman, the racing car  ... Read More »
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Q: Did ww2 bombers have autopilot? - Quora
A: They certainly had. The Sperry autopilot design predated WW2 with at least 2 decades, and most multi-engined allied bomber or transport aircraft were equipped... Read More »
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Q: IMDb: Aviation Movies (WWI and WWII) - a list by oreste-tommasi
A: Aug 22, 2012 ... When Nazi anti-aircraft fire damages a British bomber, its crew bails out .... after having lost both legs, flew a British fighter plane durin... Read More »
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Q: How did WW2 Allied bomber formations keep from hitting each other...
A: The US Army Air Force developed the "combat box" formation for its heavy bombers that was designed to provide the maximum amount of protection for th... Read More »
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