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Wagner v. FEC - Federal Election Commission


Wagner, et al. v. FEC Case Summary. On July 7, 2015, the en banc U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the provision in the Federal ...

The emerging nanomedicine landscape. - NCBI


Nat Biotechnol. 2006 Oct;24(10):1211-7. The emerging nanomedicine landscape . Wagner V(1), Dullaart A, Bock AK, Zweck A. Author information: (1)VDI ...

High harmonic generation in a gas-filled hollow-core photonic ...


Oct 14, 2009 ... O. H. Heckl ... S. V. Marchese ... Cite this article as: Heckl, O.H., Baer, C.R.E., Kränkel, C. et al. ... Photonics 2:599, 2008; Röser et al., Opt. Lett. .... E.A. Gibson, A. Paul, N. Wagner, R. Tobey, D. Gaudiosi, S. Backus, I.P. Christov, ...

Spontaneous Formation of Nucleic Acid-based Nanoparticles Is ...


Sep 21, 2004 ... was run at a constant electric field of 8 V/cm; denaturing gel electro- ... zation under surfactant-free conditions as described by Fritz et al. (26). ..... Poeck, H., Wagner, M., Battiany, J., Rothenfusser, S., Wellisch, D., Hornung,. V. ... Costa, L. T., Kerkmann, M., Hartmann, G., Endres, S., Bisch, P. M., Heckl,. W....

Mobile MAX-DOAS observations of tropospheric trace gases


Feb 3, 2010 ... Hönninger et al., 2004a, b; Sinreich et al., 2005; Heckel et al., 2005; Frieß et al., ... 2007; Wagner et al., 2004, 2007a, b, 2009; Irie et al., 2008).

Covalent anchoring of proteins onto gold-directed NHS-terminated ...


After I h the platelet, now carrying the covalently immobi- P Wagner et al. .... STM image of the NHS-SAM on Au(111) (2 pA, 1.2 V). .... W.M. Heckl, G. Binnig.

c-fos Expression Precedes Osteogenic Differentiation of Cartilage ...


1987; Sandberg et al., 1988; Togni et al., 1988; Heckl and. Wagner, 1989), indicate a specific role of c-fos in the regula- tion and differentiation of skeletal cells.

Surface-Activated Coupling Reactions Confined on a Surface


Aug 28, 2015 ... 2007, a seminal work by Grill et al. demonstrated that brominated ... Inset: DFT- simulated STM image at +2.7 V. (d) dI/dV spectra measured at terphenyl (black) and Cu (blue) ...... (13) Dı́az Arado, O.; Mönig, H.; Wagner, H.; Franke, J.-H.; ... (16 ) Lackinger, M.; Heckl, W. M. A STM Perspective on Covalent.

The DNA Sugar Backbone 2′ Deoxyribose Determines Toll-like ...


Mar 14, 2008 ... ... Schmitz,; Antje Heit,; Thomas Müller,; Eicke Latz,; Hermann Wagner<sup>, ,</sup> ... and Heil et al., 2004]), and TLR9 (sensing single-stranded CpG-DNA [Hemmi et al., ...... V. Hornung, J. Johnson, S. Englert, T. Ketterer, W. Heckl, et al.

Molecular mechanisms of autoimmunity triggered by microbial ...


Aug 30, 2005 ... Using a genetic model of type I diabetes, Lang et al. ..... Hornung V, Johnson J, Englert S, Ketterer T, Heckl W, et al: Activation with CpG-A and ...

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Wagner v. Jones et al | United States Courts


Wagner v. Jones et al. Court: Southern District of Iowa. Subject Matter: Civil Rights ... Wagner V. Jones (Part 1), Case Number 3:09-cv-00010-RP-TJS, Jury Trail.

Publications | The Eöt-Wash Group


S. Schlamminger, T.A. Wagner, Space Science Review 148, 201 (2009). ... the Dark-Energy Length Scale", D.J. Kapner, T.S. Cook, E.G. Adelberger, J.H. Gundlach, B.R. Heckel, C.D. Hoyle and H.E. Swanson Phys. ... V. Alan Kostelecky, World Scientific (2002), p.9; hep-ex/0202008. .... A. Astbury et al., World Scientific Publ.

Washington State Courts - Appellate Court Briefs - Washington Courts


48631-8 - Kenneth Swanigan et al, Appellants v Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand ... 48477-3 - James L. Miller, Respondent v Dept. of L&I, et al ...... 47484-1 - Daniel J. Wagner & Alice Wagner, Appellants v. .... Dylan Joseph Heckl, Appellant.