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Q: Help with wake up techniques?
A: Make a collar out of a raspberry bush. Cut two strips of the raspberry bush and place them in your underwear. Read More »
Q: I need a really effective wake up technique?
A: Stimulants are always good. Caffeine is the major one. I find a good kick of adrenaline works wonders. I do 13 pullups to wake myself up of a morning and get my... Read More »
Q: What are some waking up early techniques?
A: So way the wake-up earlier are, to bed earlier, set two alarms to wake Read More »
Q: What is a good technique for waking up a tired voice?
A: Stop drinking Milk and eating dairy products, don't smoke, Read More »
Q: How to Wake Up Puppies.
A: Instructions. Call the mother of the puppies away from the litter. Momma dogs can be over-protective and getting her away from the puppies before you wake them ... Read More »