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Orchestrating high-throughput genomic analysis with Bioconductor.


Huber W(1), Carey VJ(2), Gentleman R(3), Anders S(1), Carlson M(4), ... Lawrence M(3), Love MI(13), MacDonald J(14), Obenchain V(4), Oleś AK(1), Pagès H(4), Reyes A(1), Shannon P(4), Smyth GK(15), Tenenbaum D(4), Waldron L(16), ...

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May 23, 2013 ... Mark D. Waldron, Trustee for the estate of Donald G. Huber, Plaintiff, v. .... Black Lake Estates, et al., 09–2–09503–3, Snohomish County, Frontier Bank sued Black Lake ... In a separate action Anchor Mutual Savings Bank v.

The Early Demise of the Domestic Asset Protection Trust ...


In Waldron v. Huber (In re: Huber), 2013 WL 2154218 (Bk.W.D.Wa., Slip Copy, May 17, 2013), a debtor residing in Washington settled an Alaska DAPT in ...

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Seydel v. Bohlman, et al. (decision) · Swisse v. Huber (decision) · Doran, et al. v. Billings Metropolitan Transit (verdict) · Fergusson v. Sourdough Fire Dept.

Tradeoffs between forage quality and soil fertility: Lessons from ...


Zhang et al., 2014), HY site in Hongyuan County of Sichuan province (cf. ... Wang et al., 2012) and NQ site in Naqu County of the Tibet Autonomous Region, China. ..... Addison et al., 2012; J. Addison, M. Friedel, C. Brown, J. Davies, S. Waldron ... Al Haj Khaled et al., 2006; R. Al Haj Khaled, M. Duru, V. Decruyenaere, C.

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Jan 12, 2015 ... Genomics (Morgan, Carey, Hansen, Waldron) ... man pages). Huber et al., Orchestrating high-throughput genomic analysis with. Bioconductor.

Minnesota Court of Appeals Unpublished and Order Opinions


A06-666, Doug Schipper, et al., Appellants, vs. .... vs. State of Minnesota, Department of Corrections, et al., Appellants, Dr. Virginia Mandac, et al., Defendants. A06-209 .... vs. John Charles Waldron, Appellant. ..... vs. Glen A. Huber, Appellant.

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Aug 10, 2016 ... ... Reyes, Paul Shannon, Gordon K. Smyth, Dan Tenenbaum, Levi Waldron, and Martin Morgan. ... Michael I. Love, Simon Anders, Vladislav Kim, and Wolfgang Huber. ... Peter Neuhaus, Marcus Bahra, Bruno V Sinn, Roland Eils, Nathalia A ...... In Martin Bishop et al., editor, Handbook of Statistical Genetics.

Trace levels of sewage effluent are sufficient to increase class 1 ...


1000 people (Census Dissemination Unit, 2001 and Jarvie et al., 2006). ... both chloroplast and bacterial 16S rRNA (Huber et al., 2009 and Huse et al., 2008). .... Alternatively, the time difference between the experiments (mid-June vs early ..... Koren et al., 2013; O. Koren, D. Knights, A. Gonzalez, L. Waldron, N. Segata, ...

Tree-ring based record of intra-eruptive lahar activity: Axaltzintle ...


Jun 11, 2016 ... 2016 O. Franco-Ramos et al. ... lahars of Irazu volcano (Costa Rica) devastated houses and roads, but also caused 20 deaths (Waldron, 1967).

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disregarded. Waldron v. Huber, 2013 WL 2154218. (Bk.W.D.Wa., Slip Copy, May 17, 2013), Case. No. 3:14-cv-05083. While Kilker is an unpublished state court.

A Fresh Look at State Asset Protection Trust Statutes


V. LINGFIRING QUESTIONS: You GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, OH. MAYBE Its-en .... LEGISLA'I'ING THE DEATH OF lilAHl lit'l'v? What makes .... this writer, see Gideon Rothschild et al.. Self-Settled ...... Waldron v. Hillier (In. re Huber}. 493 HR .

Orchestrating high-throughput genomic analysis with Bioconductor ...


Hahne, F., Huber, W., Gentleman, R. & Falcon, S. Bioconductor Case Studies ( Springer, 2008). Lawrence, M. et al. ... Waldron, L. et al. ... Obenchain, V. et al.