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Body Surface Area Predicts Plasma Oxaliplatin and ... - NCBI


Mar 2, 2013 ... Linear regression plots of body surface area versus oxaliplatin ... Jerremalm E, Hedeland M, Wallin I, Bondesson U, Ehrsson H. Oxaliplatin ... DeFoe GR, Ross CS, Olmstead EM, Surgenor SD, Fillinger MP, Groom RC, et al.

Membrane proteins ride shotgun : Article : Nature Biotechnology


In this issue, Wu et al. present a versatile method for the large-scale identification of membrane proteins and for the analysis of their modifications and topology.

Chapter 11 Huston et..

faculty.washington.edu/jdb/345/345 Articles/Chapter 11 Huston et al. (2001).pdf

The paucity of research following brides and grooms forward in .... feelings ( Huston et al., 1986; Huston & Vangelisti, 1991; Jacobson .... (Burgess & Wallin, 1953). ..... 7-point semantic differential items (e.g., miserable vs. enjoyable) and one.

Respiratory Burst Oxidase Homologue A of barley contributes to ...


Jul 25, 2006 ... plant species (Groom et al., 1996; Torres et al., 1998;. Amicucci et al. ..... the fungus with 0.3% calcofluor (w/v in 50 mM TRIS pH 9.0). Relative ..... Cserzo M, Wallin E, Simon I, von Heijne G, Elofsson A. 1997. Prediction of ...

Frontiers | Single Neurons in the Insular Cortex of a Macaque ...


All surgical procedures were the same as described previously in Ishida et al. ... with others and was able to touch and groom with the neighboring monkeys. ... the neuronal recordings were performed by means of a 16 channel V-probe ...... Olausson, H., Cole, J., Rylander, K., McGlone, F., Lamarre, Y., Wallin, B. G., et al.

Laws, Court Decisions & Advocacy Tips to Protect Transgender ...


Know Your Rights: Laws, Court Decisions & Advocacy Tips to Protect Transgender Prisoners. Facebook · Twitter · Reddit · Email · Print ...

The Putative Assembly Factor CcoH Is Stably Associated with the cbb


Standard molecular-genetics techniques were performed as described by Sambrook et al. .... 3,3,5,5-tetramethylbenzidine (TMBZ) according to the method of Thomas et al. ...... Gray, K. A., M. Grooms, H. Myllykallio, C. Moomaw, C. Slaughter, and F. Daldal. .... Rauhamäki, V., D. A. Bloch, M. I. Verkhovsky, and M. Wikström.

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Feb 26, 2016 ... Primates, for instance, appear to spend more time groom- ing others than is ... gest firing is elicited by slow-stroking touch (Loken et al.,. 2009). Testing of ..... the effect of speed (slow vs fast) and drug (naloxone or saline) on ..... Olausson H, Lamarre Y, Backlund H, Morin C, Wallin BG, Starck G,. Ekholm S ...

About some possible empirical evidences in favor of a cosmological ...


Kopeikin S., Pavlis E., Pavlis D., Brumberg V., Escapa A., Getino J., Gusev A., Müller J., Ni W. and ... Wallin J. F., Dixon D. S. and Page G. L. 2007 Astrophys. ... Fabbro S., Goobar A., Groom D., Quimby R., Lidman C., Ellis R. S., Irwin M., McMahon R. G., ... Ali Narimani et al 2012 Astrophysics and Space Science 341 617.

Nanoplasmonic Imaging of Latent Fingerprints ... - ACS Publications


Aug 20, 2015 ... Maynard et al. developed a fluorescent method for visualizing. LFPs with .... not reduce RDX with a redox potential of −0.55 V (vs NHE) in .... (1) Ostmark, H.; Wallin, S.; Ang, H. G. Propellants, Explos., Pyrotech. 2012, 37, 12. .... 11098. (30) Hawari, J.; Halasz, A.; Groom, C.; Deschamps, S.; Paquet, L.;.

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DGIdb 2.0: mining clinically relevant drug–gene interactions - NCBI


Nov 3, 2015 ... Rask-Andersen et al. ..... Hopkins A.L., Groom C.R. The druggable genome. Nat. Rev. .... Brown G.R., Hem V., Katz K.S., Ovetsky M., Wallin C., Ermolaeva O., Tolstoy I., Tatusova T., Pruitt K.D., Maglott D.R., et al. Gene: a ...

Vitamin D in chronic kidney disease: A systemic role for selective ...


(From Teng et al. with permission.) ...... [SD-008]. 17. P. Ducy, R. Zhang, V. Geoffroy, et al. Osf2/Cbfa1: ... A. Sweatt, D.C. Sane, S.M. Hutson, R. Wallin. Matrix gla ...

Texting While Driving Meets the Fourth Amendment - William & Mary ...


Oct 1, 2012 ... Pursuant to the Supreme Court's decision in Arizona v. ..... Annie Barret Wallin, Note, Cell Phones Pose a Distraction to Drivers but ... See David L. Strayer et al., A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the ...... Grooms, No.