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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora Family: Odobenidae Genus: Odobenus
Species: Odobenus rosmarus
A sociable animal, the Walrus gathers in a mixed herd of up to 2,000 bulls, cows, and calves when feeding and migrating, as well as when hauled out on ice floes, although the sexes sometimes segregate during the nonbreeding season... More »
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The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous distribution about the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean and subarctic  ...

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Learn about the size, diet, population, range, behavior and other fascinating facts about walruses.

In a recent study published in Behavioral Brain Research, walruses are found to sleep nearly anywhere and may be able to continuously stay awake longer than other animals. They can sleep while floating on the water’s surface, lying on the bottom, standing or leaning o... More »
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Walrus Classification and EvolutionThe Walrus is a large marine mammal that is found inhabiting the freezing cold and icy waters of the Arctic Circle. Thought to ...

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Nov 21, 2014 ... Walruses are the gentle giants of the Arctic. They are among the largest pinnipeds — fin-footed, semiaquatic marine mammals. However, while ...

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Walruses (Odobenus rosmarus) are found in Arctic regions of the world. There are three subspecies. Pacific walruses (Odobenus roasmarus divergens) live ...

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Q: Where is the walrus?
A: fsdfdsfdfd. Not for Reproduction. Read More »
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Q: What is a walrus?
A: The walrus is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous circumpolar distribution in the Arctic Ocean and sub-Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. ... Read More »
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Q: What are Walruses?
A: Walruses look like huge seals but have long whiskers and big tusks. Read More »
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Q: What is a walrus?
A: A walrus is defined as either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber. A large gregarious marine mammal of arc... Read More »
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Q: Why is there no walrus?
A: There are walrus around. The total world walrus population is about 250000 Read More »
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