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Helen Keller


Helen Adams Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) was an American author, political activist, ..... With Sullivan interpreting for him, he talked to Helen Keller about Christ. It wasn't lo...

Helen Keller's Faith - The New York Times


t would be difficult to find in all the treasure-house of biography a life story more thrilling, dramatic and fascinating than that of Helen Keller. She herself has told it  ...

Dr. Helen Keller's Introduction to The True Christian Religion *


Dr. Helen Keller's Introduction to The True Christian Religion * by Emanuel Swedenborg, a Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. SINCE I was sixteen years old, ...

Helen Keller's Secret Life - Larry Knipfing's Japan Blog


May 19, 2012 ... There is no getting around this one either: Helen Keller was not a Christian in the traditional sense of the word. She was an ardent follower of ...

Helen Keller–A Woman of Faith and Action | Anna Woofenden


Mar 17, 2013 ... Audio: Helen Keller Sermon 3.14.2013 Woofenden .... with her Christianity through Swedenborg's teachings on the symbolism of Jesus Christ.

The Miracle Workers | Grace Communion International


Helen Keller was born in this quiet northern Alabama town. When she was 18 ... I became interested in Christianity again when I was 20, and was rebaptized.

Helen Keller, Divine Sovereignty, and Free Will – The Harvard Ichthus


Feb 19, 2014 ... what a hot topic within Christian thought. ... But I wonder whether the image of Helen Keller might offer us a glimpse at how God can be ...

My Religion - Helen Keller - Google Books


Mar 1, 2007 ... Helen Keller had absolutely no hearing or eyesight from the age of ... and teachings of Christ far better than the paranoid reviewer or 9/10 of the ...

Theosophy is of the Devil - Jesus-is-Savior.com

www.jesus-is-savior.com/False Religions/New Age/theosophy.htm

Theosophist, Helen Keller, and Her Satanic Hand Sign ... Carefully notice that Swedenborg was a "Christian mystic" ... Swedenborg is called a "mystic" by many  ...

How the Holy Spirit Works Within a Christian -- Victories of Helen ...


Sep 21, 2012 ... Helen Keller, an example of Holy Spirit works in the spiritual realm of one hindered by physical obstacles. When the Holy Spirit works, people ...

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Swedenborg and Helen Keller - Crossroad.to


Chapter titles of Helen Keller's occult book: ... used by Swedenborg to refer to God's inauguration of a new Christianity and later applied to the church movement ...

Helen Keller was blind and deaf, but knew God (traditions, Gospel ...


As I read about Helen Keller I was moved at how she knew God before she even knew a language. One of Helen's friends was Philips Books ...

The Most Inspiring Christian Since Helen Keller – The Christian Diarist


Jun 8, 2014 ... I'd caught a glimpse of him on Christian television. ... the Australian-born evangelist the most inspirational Christ follower since Helen Keller.