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3 Ways to Give Your Hamster a Bath - wikiHow


Apr 8, 2015 ... The best way to address a smelly hamster is to clean out his cage more frequently. Before attempting a bath, change your cage-cleaning habits ...

What Do You Use to Clean a Hamster's Fur? | Animals - mom.me


It is possible to clean your hamster's fur, but veterinarians and breeders generally advise that hamsters should be left to their own grooming unless a medical or ...

How to clean a Hamster - 4 steps - OneHowto


That's why OneHowto would like to tell you how to clean a Hamster properly, ... If you do bath a hamster, its hair look greasy, or your hamster may even get a ...

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Mar 21, 2012 ... How to wash a hamster without torturing it. ... 8 Things Your New Hamster is Trying to Tell You: New Pet Tips by Petco - Duration: 1:58.
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Aug 9, 2010 ... This video will show you why washing your hamster can be dangerous to it. I really hope that people around the world will start to understand ...

How to Bathe a Hamster - Dwarf Hamster Blog


Apr 22, 2014 ... If your hamster's fur looks wet, oily, or dirty, just give them bathing ... To keep him clean, I usually have a dish filled with sand for him to roll in.

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Chinchilla sand will keep the coat clean and grease free. Normally there should be no need to bathe your hamster with water at all during the course of its life.

How to Clean Your Hamster and Her Habitat - Petco


How to Clean Your Hamster and Her Habitat. Hamsters are a relatively low- maintenance pet, requiring little in the way of grooming aside from an occasional fur ...



The first thing you need to do before handling your hamster or cleaning his cage is wash your hands. There are illnesses that hamsters can get from us and ...

Caring for Your Hamster - PetSmart


Our hamster care sheet is a guide for proper housing and feeding for your small ... cleaning ritual, washing their faces and cleaning out their ears with their feet.

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How to wash a hamster: All about hamster grooming | The Hamster ...


Hamsters are naturally very clean and tidy animals; you will often see them grooming themselves. This grooming is normally sufficient to keep your hamster ...

Are Hamsters Supposed to Take a Bath? | Animals - mom.me


Bathing is not recommended for hamsters except in particularly unusual circumstances. What you can do is help your hamster stay clean with simple grooming ...

Hamster Club :: Should I bath my hamster?


If your hamster smells bad, then you should clean the cage more frequently. ... Most dwarf hamsters love rolling in the sand bath and this will also keep the ...