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Scrub and Rub” is our mantra when it comes to post-waxing aftercare. Exfoliate and moisturise regularly to prevent ingrown hairs.


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PROTECT. Then we apply a pre wax oil to create a protective barrier between your skin and the wax. Not only does this make the wax less painful but it protects  ...


After Your Wax ! Wear loose clothing for a few hours. Don't expose the skin to sun or tanning beds for a few days. Don't take hot showers or baths for 24 hours.


Wax Lounge Miami - Waxing after care treatment. ... Moisturize your skin daily after your waxing treatment with a Tea Tree or Lavender and Witch-hazel cream ...


Waxing aftercare advice. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your skin is cared for properly for the next few days. Please note the following that the  ...


Oct 13, 2014 ... Waxing expert Shobha Tummala offers her tips to a pain-free procedure and smooth aftercare.


WAXING AFTERCARE. If you are exercising or swimming ensure you have a hot shower to clean your skin and finish with a cold shower to close your clean ...


Feb 24, 2010 ... Regardless, the technician should be gloved and a thorough pre-wax interview and education should be done. Waxing after-care. 24-48 hours ...


Ladies - How to look after yourself after a waxing service. ... This aftercare is based closely on that recommended by Andy Rouillard ...