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How to get sick overnight? (Sick enough to miss school)? | Yahoo ...


May 12, 2011 ... I've been trying to get sick all week by never washing my hands, licking (yes it's gross) lamposts and anything that looks dirty :L I even went...

How to Make Yourself Sick: Cold, Fever and Headache - EnkiVillage


How to get sick fast should no longer be a problem. Just read on to find out how you can fake a fever. To effectively fake a fever, you should know how you can ...

How to Fake Sick to Stay Home from School (with Pictures)


Remember: this devious step only works if you are getting sick in reality, so don't just go for this one if you're not sick. This is a strengthener for your saying for ...

4 Ways to Become Better when You Are Sick - wikiHow


Feb 16, 2016 ... How to Become Better when You Are Sick. No one likes being sick. From the runny nose and scratchy throat of a cold to the fever and vomiting ...

How to Make Yourself Feel Better (When You're Sick) - wikiHow


Nov 4, 2015 ... How to Make Yourself Feel Better (When You're Sick). ... The warmth will help soothe you so you will be primed to get comfortable and rest ...

3 Ways to Get Well Fast - wikiHow


When you're not feeling well, all you can think about is how to feel better fast. ... Whether you're injured or ill, knowing how to take care of yourself can help put ...

How to Not Throw up when Drunk: 13 Steps (with Pictures)


Stop drinking when you've reached your limit. ... A good defense is to say, "If I have another I'll be sick. ... If you get close to vomiting, if you heave or gag, the best policy to ensure you do not ...

How to Drink Alcohol Without Getting Sick | LEAFtv


How to Drink Alcohol Without Getting Sick ... Eating while out drinking is a good idea, but bar snacks might not be; salty food like nuts or chips will increase your ...

10 top tactics to avoid throwing up on a night out | Hexjam


Jun 14, 2013 ... Need to know how to not vomit when drunk? With these 10 scientifically-backed tips, you can enjoy alcohol without the worry of sick all over your new dress. ... There are lots of things that make for a great night out: you looking killer, ... Rather get into a habit of ordering a drink, no more than once every hour, ...

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Q: How to get sick FAST? | Yahoo Answers
A: Oct 26, 2008 ... well i need 2 get sick fast and get like kinda very sick like somethinn worse than colds and all that i dont wanna go to grandparents day at m... Read More »
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Q: how to get sick overnight? | Yahoo Answers
A: Sep 23, 2007 ... i need 2 know how to get sick overnight! no questions y... plezze answer!!!! Read More »
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Q: 10 Ways to Get Sick Fast? | Yahoo Answers
A: May 16, 2009 ... I really need to get sick because i missed a mandatory field trip, the teacher does not accept excuses. Read More »
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Q: How to get sick fast? - Quora
A: Swallow a can of Drano. Make sure someone is around to call the mortuary though because after getting painfully sick you will die ... Read More »
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Q: How to get a fever overnight? | Yahoo Answers
A: Apr 16, 2012 ... If there are any ways to make myself get a fever overnight, PLEASE tell ... I once stuck my fingers down my throat and made myself sick, then ... Read More »
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