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How to Annoy Your Little Siblings. Is your little sibling bugging you and you can't take it anymore? Sweet payback time can occur with a little annoyance returned ...


Mimic his voice. Any time your brother says anything, repeat what he said, but in a high-pitched girly voice. This has ...


Do you like to annoy and prank your siblings? This is a popular pastime for brothers and sisters around the world! ... It will drive them nuts after a little while.


However, even the best sibling relationships have their own little wars. ... Three Methods:Getting Your Revenge at HomeEmbarrassing Your Siblings at School Plotting Your RevengeCommunity Q&A ... If your brother or sister is at the point in school where they are writing a lot of .... Stop Your Little Sister from Annoying You .

Dec 28, 2011 ... Well, this is how I annoy my brother. I have more then one brother but he's just to easy. I hope you enjoy it comment, like, subscribe to me.
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How to annoy your little brother! 1) Love him a little too much! (Especially in front of his friends) You can do this simply by giving him big hugs whenever you see ...


Jan 26, 2015 ... Why your little brother is so ANNOYING, revealed by data ... Ever wondered why your little sister is such a fan of banter, while your older brother is so .... centre days after terror attack that killed 22 and this is how people react.


Oct 3, 2010 ... 82 discussion posts. Deleted User said: 1. Keep yelling their name, Shayla said: 2. Say there name really slow-like until they go nuts and loose ...


Read While he's sleeping from the story 1000 Ways To Annoy Your Brother by ughly_ (m a g g i e) with 7089 reads. frustrate, downright, embarrass. *First draf...