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How to Annoy Your Little Siblings: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Is your little sibling bugging you and you can't take it anymore? Well, this ... How to. Annoy Your Twin Brother. Get Your Brother to Stop Annoying You. How to

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Do you like to annoy and prank your siblings? This is a popular pastime for brothers and sisters around the world! ... It will drive them nuts after a little while. Ad ... to Annoy Your Little Brother&v=8IgLn6wOlK4
Dec 28, 2011 ... Well, this is how I annoy my brother. I have more then one ... How To Annoy Your Brother ... How To Deal With an Annoying Younger Sibling!

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Login Sign Up. 100 Ways to Annoy Your Brother :) by ChuppaChups56 ... You as Big Bro/Sis; Little Brother as Victim. 14.2K 37 23. okay heyy:) so i read this and ... to Annoy Your Little Brother&v=09P_c3CbhpY
Jun 6, 2015 ... LPS: How to Annoy Your Younger Brother I think this is more targeted to both genders... All well xD Music from Youtube Audio Library: Volatile ...

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Do you have a brother? Are you bored? Do you want revenge? You've come to the right place! In this fun-filled book, you'll find a thousand ways to annoy your ...

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R U an annoying little brother or sister??? lets find out!! Take this quiz! What is your favorite colour? What is your favorite hobby? How many friends do.

15 ways to annoy or freak out your sister or brother O.o - Random ...

Fanpop original article: 1. paint everything in your sisters room black see ... 15 ways to annoy or freak out your sister or brother O.o ... Little Red Riding Hood ...


Aug 18, 2012 ... I'm not sure if your brother is younger or older, so I'll just assume he's younger, since I know ALL about having an annoying younger sibling!

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A: The penalties for killing him are so severe that I'd suggest someth... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: How to Deal With Your Annoying Little Brother
A: 1 Don't get your parents involved too much. Your brother might not even be trying to annoy you. Don't be a tattletale. However, when things get out of hand, you... Read More »
Q: Why is your little brother so annoying?
A: Is this YOUR little brother or someone elses, most likely because they want the attention and want to be noticed. Maybe because your older they think that your ... Read More »
Q: Why is your little brother so annoying?
A: hahaha well, as i answered in a similaiar question before, they love you. I have a little brother of my own and sometimes, i just want to slap him as hard as a ... Read More »
Q: How to Annoy Your Brother
A: 1 Slap him with a goo hand until you want to stop. 2 Go into his room until he tells then say "I didn't do anything. " 3 While eating, steal his food when he or... Read More »