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How to Avoid Distractions While Studying. You know you really want to get good grades. Your parents have put the pressure on, or you promised yourself you ...


Jan 29, 2014 ... 10 Tips to Help You Tune Out Distractions and Focus on Your Studies ... While you might like to study in your room, you'll easily be distracted by TV, ... a “Not To- Do” list, that tracks time-wasting activities you should avoid.


This way, you won't be interrupted by phone calls or text messages while you're studying. You can always check your phone every 30 or 45 minutes when you ...


Training the Brain: How to Focus Better and Avoid Distractions .... .edu/2010/01/ how-to-stay-focused-and-strong-while-working-and-studying-alone/.


Nov 23, 2013 ... Let's start with a scenario – you're trying to study for your upcoming finals while working a full-time job. Your phone is blowing up with social ...


Create a study-friendly environment with these 5 tips. The good news: they're very small which ... Avoid browsing the Internet or reading the daily news; leave these activities for later after you've completed what you need to do. Close all tabs ...


Follow these tips to learn how to best stay focused while studying. ... To avoid this distraction, it's vital to designate an environment for work or study use only.

Jun 30, 2012 ... The Power of PATS, time tested tips to help you avoid being distracted during your study time.


Learn how to dramatically increase your focus and concentration by creating a ... sounds to help maintain your energy-level, without including distracting human speech. ... However, for tasks that require language processing, you should avoid  ...


There are countless situations where we are required to study. While you're in education for instance whether it's school or college you will be required to study  ...