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Treatment of slaves in the United States - Wikipedia


The treatment of slaves in the United States varied by time and place, but was generally brutal ... Slave masters even beat pregnant women, devising ways to do it without .... Slave overseers were a...

ISIS releases 27 tips on how to rape and punish your sex slaves


Dec 11, 2014 ... ISLAMIC State extremists have released a sickening list of 27 tips on raping and punishing sex slaves.

Slave Punishments - Spartacus Educational


He was a very mean man in all his ways, and was very much disliked by the slaves. ... Into this he used to put his slaves for punishment, and roll them down a very ... My master, pausing to take breath, one of the slaveholders said, "I would not ...



Jun 17, 2011 ... Hey ladies – You can turn any man into your boot-licking love slave with these tips ... Here are eight quick and easy way sto squeeze “free will” out of any man and turn him into ... DON'T BE AFRAID TO PUNISH YOUR SLAVE.

Rules, punishment and the hard working Dominant.: steelcollar


Dec 19, 2003 ... When you find that they are not, you must sanction it in some way ... My sub is a good sub. I'm sure my rules were followed. ... She said she would praise the slave for his/her quick action and then beat her for disobeying.

BDSM: bringing out a stubborn sub, independent ... - AllExperts


Jun 18, 2010 ... independent thinkers, psychological punishment, romantic notions: Dear Mike ... give her what she wants, as that would be counter productive to my authority. ... For this type of slave misbehaving is a way to receive play and ...

Who Invented Paddling People's Butts as a Punishment? - Slate


Oct 5, 2012 ... Corporal punishment is as old as the Hebrew Bible, and ... Paddling came to American shores as a way to punish slaves without scarring them.

Recovered Histories - Enslavement in the Caribbean


"Slaves who are marked for punishment are flogged in different ways… ... the cart whip and the cow skin, when applied to my naked body by her own cruel hand.

8 Most Inhuman Ways Black Slaves Were Punished During Slavery


8 Most Horrific And Inhuman Black Slaves Punishment In The History Of Slavery ... Here are the 10 most gruesome ways slaves were punished by their master ...

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Getting Started with D/s Play - Steve Pavlina


Apr 1, 2015 ... Occasionally people ask me how to get started with D/s play (aka domination and .... My girlfriend is pretty slave, but I assigned that one to her. .... or doesn't properly follow a command, then some kind of punishment ensues.

10 Barbaric And Heartbreaking Ways Enslaved Black People Were ...


Oct 3, 2014 ... Their reasons ranged from lascivious desire to acts of punishment. Black men were also sexually abused by slaveholders, and, sometimes, ...

Women in Resistance


Cannot Destroy My Spirit: Punishments suffered by Slave Women ... Torture came in many forms and the affected male and female slaves in various ways. When torture became too ... In addition to coerced labor, and punishment. They had to ...