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Plantations were an important aspect of the history of the American South, particularly the ... The wealthiest planters, such as the Virginia elite with plantations near the James ... The great majo...

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Life in the Plantation South. ... End of the American Century. The Southern Colonies ... Most Southerners did not experience this degree of wealth. The contrast ...

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The less wealthy planter lived well but in more modest circumstances and ... These were the most influential people in the South and in 1860 numbered fewer than 50,000. ... land and who lived much like small farmers in other parts of the country. ... The treatment of slaves on plantations where the owner was frequently  ...

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Nor did southern farms and plantations devote their efforts exclusively to growing ... The white South's social structure was much more complex than the popular ... any country in Europe except England, and it had achieved a level of wealth ... Well over half of the richest 1 percent of Americans in 1860 lived in the South.

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Illustration of wealthy slave owners happy - Library of Congress ... The doctrine of paternalism guided much of the Southern rationale for slavery. ... which spread Christianity far and wide, Southern plantation owners defined slavery not ... Slaves who lived in urban areas, estimated in the early nineteenth century at less than ....

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The planter aristocrats enjoyed a lion's share of southern wealth ... the white South to become the most Anglo-Saxon section of the United States nation ... Smaller slave owners did not own a majority of the slaves, but they made up a ... who raised corn and hogs, not cotton, and often lived isolated lives (occasional meeting).

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The owners of a painting choose to have part of wealth invested in something that does ... Why would a slave have so much value? .... and other types of work, most slaves worked on the farms and plantations of their owners. .... The average white Southern family in antebellum America lived on a small farm without slaves.

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The enterprising slave owner bought and sold slaves for an additional source of income. ... (A very few plantations were several thousand acres in size and used ... Wealth, social position, and lifestyle separated the planter from the farmer who ... The yeoman families lived much more isolated lives than their counterparts in ...

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The proportion there never got much above 5 percent of the total population. ... Most Southerners owned no slaves and most slaves lived in small groups rather than ..... The Southern overseer was the linchpin of the large slave plantation. .... up the prices of slaves already living in the U.S and, hence, their masters' wealth.

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Most of the first African slaves were captured in Africa by the Dutch or by fellow Africans. ... Many of these slaves provided domestic service to wealthy families. ..... These changes all added up to large profits for southern plantation owners. ... the presidency on an anti-slavery platform, and like-minded Republicans gained a ...

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An eyewitness account of life on a Mississippi plantation before the Civil War. ... T he moral inconsistency of slavery existing within a nation founded upon the ... accepted by most Southern critics as accurate depictions of plantation life. ... appeared to be worked much harder than in the Eastern and Northern Slave States.

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At the top of southern white society stood the planter elite, which comprised two groups. ... Wealthy plantation owners like Lloyd came close to forming an American ... residents: the very wealthy planter class and the very poor landless whites. ... much to do with control over dependents, whether slaves, wives, or relatives.

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I've recently come across some figures for this discussion. In the Civil War in the ... Remember only wealthy plantation owners owned slaves like ... In 1860, whites owned 550,000 plantations and farms in the Southern Confederate states, ... is likely too high, in 1850 the average was 6 slaves per plantation ...