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What's Behind 'Don't Wear White After Labor Day?' - Digg


Sep 6, 2015 ... The dictum that you shouldn't wear white outfits before Memorial Day and after Labor Day has been around for a long time. And while people ...

Why Can't You Wear White After Labor Day? | Mental Floss


Aug 30, 2012 ... Wearing white in the summer makes sense. Desert peoples have known for thousands of years that white clothing seems to keep you a little bit ...

Why Is It Bad to Wear White After Labor Day - Women's Fashion


A lot of people wonder why is it bad to wear white after Labor Day. The truth is that few people know the exact logic behind this antiquated fashion "law." There ...

The Real Reason You Can't Wear White After Labor Day - And How ...


Sep 7, 2015 ... Ever heard the saying, "Don't wear white after Labor Day"? Ever wondered who came up with that and why someone would even start such an ...

Why are You Not Supposed to Wear White After Labor Day?


In many parts of the United States, a rule about not wearing white after Labor Day , which takes place on the first Monday in September, is heavily ingrained.

Why can't you wear white after Labor Day? | Reference.com


In the early parts of the 20th century, fashion etiquette begun dictating that wearing white was only acceptable in summer months, according to Time Magazine.

Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day - Darling Magazine


Sep 16, 2015 ... Somewhere along the lines, it shifted into a fashion faux-pas. White can be worn during any season, especially after Labor Day.

15 White Looks to Keep Wearing Long After Labor Day - Vogue


Sep 5, 2015 ... The age-old adage advising not to wear white after Labor Day has never looked as wrong as it does for Fall 2015. Head-to-toe ivory ensembles ...

Design History: Why Can't We Wear White After Labor Day ...


Jul 24, 2015 ... We've all heard (and probably ignored) this common fashion rule but just where did it come from anyway? Let's take a look.

7 ways to wear white after Labor Day (you rebel, you) - SheKnows


Jun 9, 2016 ... ... Spot and authors the Star Style column for StyleBakery Teen. ... View Profile. Wearing white after Labor Day is the best fashion rule to break.

You can wear white after Labor Day if you wear darker hues of white, mix your summer whites with darker pieces, or mix white accessories into your outfits.
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Wearing White After Labor Day - The Emily Post Institute, Inc.


Then. Back in Emily's day—the nineteen 00s, 10s and 20s—the summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day and Labor Day. Society flocked en masse from ...

If You Must Know: Why Shouldn't We Wear White After Labor Day ...


Sep 8, 2009 ... The post–Labor Day moratorium on white clothing and accessories has long ranked among etiquette hard-liners' most sacred rules.

Why the 'No White After Labor Day' Rule is Total Bullsh*t | StyleCaster


You know that pesky fashion “rule” that decrees thou shalt never wear white after Labor Day? Well, it's time to toss it out the window once and for all. This is an ...