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Role of Weber number in primary breakup of turbulent liquid jets in ...


2004; Lee et al. 2007; Bellofiore, A. 2006). A typical turbulent LJCF exhibits a ... Schematic of a turbulent liquid jet in crossflow illustrating a typical breakup ..... At every point of a given closed surface with area A and volume V , we obtain two.

Numerical Analysis of Jet Breakup Behavior Using Particle Method


the Weber number and the Froude number on the size distribution are also obtained. KEYWORDS: jet ... jet breakup: for example, in Moriyama et al.9) Vierow10).

Similarity between the primary and secondary air-assisted liquid jet ...


Marmottant et al. (2, 3) have ... υ is the water dynamic viscosity. The jet Weber number ( σ ρ l l g g. DV. V. We. 2. ) ... V the air exit velocity, and σ is the water surface.

Surface Disturbance Evolution and the Splattering of Turbulent ... - MIT


John H. Lienhard V ... the jet Weber number and the dimensionless distance from the target. The meas- ... of a turbulent jet in air (following Tadrist et al., 1991).

Splattering During Turbulent Liquid Jet Impingement on Solid ... - MIT


John H. Lienhard V ... show that only the Weber number and IId affect the fraction ofjet liquid splattered. ... applicability of the model ofLienhard et al. ... V\\\\\.W\\S\S\ S.\V\\. Viscous boundary layer. Fig. 2 Turbulent jet Impingement and splattering: ...

Stagnation-Point Heat Transfer During Impingement - MIT


The stagnation-zone characteristics of an impinging liquid jet are of great interest because the ... complex for small Weber numbers, when surface tension ef- fects are .... V</>, m/s v„ = normal velocity in streamline coordinates, m/s v, = tangent velocity in. We, = ..... A previous paper (Liu et al., 1991) estimated from boundar...

Studies of inclusive four-jet production with two b-tagged jets in ...


Dec 8, 2016 ... Studies of inclusive four-jet production with two b -tagged jets in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeV. V. Khachatryan et al. (CMS Collaboration).

Secondary breakup of a drop at moderate Weber numbers ...


Apr 22, 2015 ... In various industrial applications, a liquid jet issued at a high speed .... force using the continuum surface force approach owing to Brackbill et al. [42]. ...... For the bag breakup at We=80, h*=0.15 and the estimated v*ret (from ...

Breakup of diminutive Rayleigh jets


Dec 8, 2010 ... ... for jet forma- tion can be expressed in terms of the Weber number ... gimes based on the radius of the jet r and the liquid velocity v. All the lines in the ... work of Wilkes et al.,31 a two-dimensional finite element method FEM is ...

Elastic liquid jet impaction on a highspeed moving surface


Jan 31, 2012 ... Elastic Liquid Jet Impaction on a High-Speed Moving Surface. B. Keshavarz and S. I. ... Rein,6 Rioboo et al.,7 Yarin,8 and Deegan et al.9 are good examples in this area. ..... splash/deposition in Weber vs. P and jet pathline ...