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Role of Weber number in primary breakup of turbulent liquid jets in ...


2004; Lee et al. 2007; Bellofiore, A. 2006). A typical turbulent LJCF exhibits a ... Schematic of a turbulent liquid jet in crossflow illustrating a typical breakup ..... At every point of a given closed surface with area A and volume V , we obtain two.

Liquid Jet Instability and Atomization in a Coaxial Gas Stream


such a power law has been given only recently (Lasheras et al 1998). Equally ... breakup regimes of a liquid jet by a coaxial gas stream in a Reynolds-Weber number ..... Figure 4 Measured frequency of the interfacial instability, f vs Uc/δω.

Experimental investigation of inclined liquid water jet flow onto ...


Water jet velocity was within the range of 0.5–5 m/s, thus the Weber number varied ... The progresses of inclined liquid jet impingement a Spreading (Kate et al. ..... Putkaradze V (1993) Shallow-water approach to the circular hydraulic jumps.

Stagnation-Point Heat Transfer During Impingement - MIT


The stagnation-zone characteristics of an impinging liquid jet are of great interest ... are used to obtain predictions of the influence of Weber number on the stagnation- .... v„ = 0. (7). 2Lienhard and Lienhard (1984) showed viscous losses to have a negligible ..... A previous paper (Liu et al., 1991) estimated from boundary.

• Monte Carlo event generation • Jet finding algorithms


Bryan Webber, LBL RPM, 16 May 2012. Improving the precision of ... A Buckley et al., arXiv:1101.2599, Phys. Rept. ... B + V − C dΦR dΦB + RdΦB dΦR.

Resummation - Cern


σ(V) ≃ σ0. ∞. ∑ n=0 αn s ln2n V. ︸ ︷︷ ︸. Leading Logarithms+ O (αn s ln2n− 1 V) .... 17) S. Catani, B. R. Webber, Y. L. Dokshitzer et al., “Average multiplicities ... 29) E. D. Malaza, B. R. Webber, “Qcd Corrections To Jet Multiplicity Mo- ments  ...

Numerical Analysis of Jet Breakup Behavior Using Particle Method


the Weber number and the Froude number on the size distribution are also obtained. KEYWORDS: jet ... jet breakup: for example, in Moriyama et al.9) Vierow10).

Experimental Investigation of Jet Breakup at Low Weber Number


Results show that the jet breakup patterns for water at lower Weber numbers follow a ... v. NOMENCLATURE. Parameters d. Diameter of the nozzle exit [m] dj ...... investigation for low velocity liquid jets was conducted by Leroux et.al (1997).

[PDF] from oxfordjournals.org - Tree Physiology


oped including meadow or hedged orchards (Carson et al. 1992, Sweet et al. .... Blackmore and Knox 1990, Webber 1991, Jett et al. 1993,. Bramlett et al. 1993 ...

Liquid Jet Instability Under Gravity Effects - University of Michigan


Jan 10, 2013 ... increasing the acceleration of gravity, the critical Weber number decreases. ... In contrast to the convective instability analysis of Keller et al [3], .... where r is the liquid jet-radius and v is the velocity component in axial direction ...

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Similarity between the primary and secondary air-assisted liquid jet ...


Marmottant et al. (2, 3) have ... υ is the water dynamic viscosity. The jet Weber number ( σ ρ l l g g. DV. V. We. 2. ) ... V the air exit velocity, and σ is the water surface.

The average number of sub-jets in a hadron collider jet - ScienceDirect


In section 3 we calculate the multiplicity of sub-jets within a jet defined .... Uq, V~, and gluon jets, Ug, V~, should be weighted by the flavour fractions fq and ..... Webber, Nucl. Phys. B 407 (1993) 3; ALEPH Collaboration, D. Decamp et. al., Phys.

Splattering During Turbulent Liquid Jet Impingement on Solid ... - MIT


John H. Lienhard V ... applicability of the model ofLienhard et al. (1992) and we ... is the jet Weber number based on the average jet-velocity at the nozzle exit, Uj ...