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Similarity between the primary and secondary air-assisted liquid jet ...


Marmottant et al. (2, 3) have ... υ is the water dynamic viscosity. The jet Weber number ( σ ρ l l g g. DV. V. We. 2. ) ... V the air exit velocity, and σ is the water surface.

Quantitative assessment of pulmonary insufficiency by Doppler ...


Sep 14, 2007 ... Yang H(1), Pu M, Chambers CE, Weber HS, Myers JL, Davidson WR Jr. ... All underwent a two-dimensional/Doppler study with interrogation of the PI jet for jet width by color ... Group A had a larger right ventricle (4.1 +/- 0.9 vs.

Numerical Analysis of Jet Breakup Behavior Using Particle Method


the Weber number and the Froude number on the size distribution are also obtained. KEYWORDS: jet ... jet breakup: for example, in Moriyama et al.9) Vierow10).

Stagnation-Point Heat Transfer During Impingement - MIT


The stagnation-zone characteristics of an impinging liquid jet are of great interest because the ... complex for small Weber numbers, when surface tension ef- fects are .... V</>, m/s v„ = normal velocity in streamline coordinates, m/s v, = tangent velocity in. We, = ..... A previous paper (Liu et al., 1991) estimated from boundar...

Experimental investigation of inclined liquid water jet flow onto ...


Water jet velocity was within the range of 0.5–5 m/s, thus the Weber number varied ... The progresses of inclined liquid jet impingement a Spreading (Kate et al. ..... Putkaradze V (1993) Shallow-water approach to the circular hydraulic jumps.

Liquid Jet Instability Under Gravity Effects - University of Michigan


Jan 10, 2013 ... increasing the acceleration of gravity, the critical Weber number decreases. ... In contrast to the convective instability analysis of Keller et al [3], .... where r is the liquid jet-radius and v is the velocity component in axial direction ...

Elastic liquid jet impaction on a highspeed moving surface


Jan 31, 2012 ... Elastic Liquid Jet Impaction on a High-Speed Moving Surface. B. Keshavarz and S. I. ... Rein,6 Rioboo et al.,7 Yarin,8 and Deegan et al.9 are good examples in this area. ..... splash/deposition in Weber vs. P and jet pathline ...

1. Introduction - DNV GL


Jul 9, 2004 ... A unified model for jet, heavy and passive dispersion .... The concentration c is given by a similarity profile c = c(x,y,ζ) as suggested by Webber et al.4 ... v o. +. −. = ζ ζ. , (instantaneous). ( 2 ). In case of steady-state dispersion, .... Equation ( 7 ) for continuous dispersion is from Morton et al.5, and Equation...

Primary breakup for diesel fuel jet


The primary breakup of a high speed jet is studied numerically using the Front ... into four parameter regions, according to the flow Reynolds and Weber numbers . ... ratio have been decreased by factors of 5 and 4 respectively from Parker et.al. ... here u0 and v0' are the averaged streamwise velocity and rms cross-stream ...

Resummation - CERN


s ln2n V. ︸ ︷︷ ︸. Leading Logarithms+ O (αn s ln2n−1 V). There are many ways in which .... 22) S. Catani, G. Turnock, B. R. Webber et al., “Thrust distribution in e+ ... 29) E. D. Malaza, B. R. Webber, “Qcd Corrections To Jet Multiplicity Mo-.

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Role of Weber number in primary breakup of turbulent liquid jets in ...


2004; Lee et al. 2007; Bellofiore, A. 2006). A typical turbulent LJCF exhibits a ... Schematic of a turbulent liquid jet in crossflow illustrating a typical breakup ..... At every point of a given closed surface with area A and volume V , we obtain two.

High fidelity simulation and analysis of liquid jet atomization in a ...


Aug 2, 2016 ... A peculiar “three-streak-two-membrane” liquid structure is identified at the lowest Weber number and explained as the consequence of the ...

Splattering During Turbulent Liquid Jet Impingement on Solid ... - MIT


John H. Lienhard V ... show that only the Weber number and IId affect the fraction ofjet liquid splattered. ... applicability of the model ofLienhard et al. ... V\\\\\.W\\S\S\ S.\V\\. Viscous boundary layer. Fig. 2 Turbulent jet Impingement and splattering: ...