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Fragmentation and Hadronization 1 Introduction - SLAC


Bryan R. Webber. Theory Division, CERN ... of recent data on quark-gluon jet differences is discussed in Section 5. Another ..... 3 vs. CF = 4/3) leads to a softer spectrum and higher overall multiplicity (Fig. 12). ..... <N>gg Eden et al. DELPHI ...

Similarity between the primary and secondary air-assisted liquid jet ...


Marmottant et al. (2, 3) have ... υ is the water dynamic viscosity. The jet Weber number ( σ ρ l l g g. DV. V. We. 2. ) ... V the air exit velocity, and σ is the water surface.

• Monte Carlo event generation • Jet finding algorithms


Bryan Webber, LBL RPM, 16 May 2012. Improving the precision of ... A Buckley et al., arXiv:1101.2599, Phys. Rept. ... B + V − C dΦR dΦB + RdΦB dΦR.

Quantitative assessment of pulmonary insufficiency by Doppler ...


Sep 14, 2007 ... Yang H(1), Pu M, Chambers CE, Weber HS, Myers JL, Davidson WR Jr. ... All underwent a two-dimensional/Doppler study with interrogation of the PI jet for jet width by color ... Group A had a larger right ventricle (4.1 +/- 0.9 vs.

The Georgi algorithms of jet clustering | SpringerLink


Y.L. Dokshitzer, G.D. Leder, S. Moretti and B.R. Webber, Better jet clustering algorithms, JHEP 08 ... G.C. Blazey et al., Run II jet physics, hep-ex/​0005012 [ INSPIRE]. [11] ... B.I. Ermolaev and V.S. Fadin, Log - Log Asymptotic Form of Exclusive ...

Jet fragmentation - IOPscience


Jet fragmentation. B R Webber ... Catani S, Marchesini G and Webber B R 1991 Nucl. Phys. ... Dokshitzer Yu L, Fadin V S and Khoze V A 1983 Z. Phys. C 18 37 ... + 1 jet rate at LEP A Gehrmann-De Ridder et al 1997 Physics Letters B 414 354.

Resummation - Gavin Salam - CERN


s ln2n V. ︸ ︷︷ ︸. Leading Logarithms+ O (αn s ln2n−1 V). There are many ways in .... 17) S. Catani, B. R. Webber, Y. L. Dokshitzer et al., “Average multiplicities ... 29) E. D. Malaza, B. R. Webber, “Qcd Corrections To Jet Multiplicity Mo-.

Splattering During Turbulent Liquid Jet Impingement on Solid ... - MIT


John H. Lienhard V ... applicability of the model ofLienhard et al. (1992) and we ... is the jet Weber number based on the average jet-velocity at the nozzle exit, Uj ...

Surface Disturbance Evolution and the Splattering of Turbulent ... - MIT


John H. Lienhard V ... the jet Weber number and the dimensionless distance from the target. The meas- ... of a turbulent jet in air (following Tadrist et al., 1991).

Atmospheric Pressure Non-Thermal Plasmas ... - Webber Training


Apr 10, 2014 ... A Webber Training Teleclass www.webbertraining.com .... Alkawareek, M.Y. et al. , 2012, FEMS Immunol. Med. Microbiol. ... upon exposure to the 20 kHz atmospheric pressure plasma jet. 16. XTT Assay vs. Plate Count Method.

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Role of Weber number in primary breakup of turbulent liquid jets in ...


2004; Lee et al. 2007; Bellofiore, A. 2006). A typical turbulent LJCF exhibits a ... Schematic of a turbulent liquid jet in crossflow illustrating a typical breakup ..... At every point of a given closed surface with area A and volume V , we obtain two.

QCD corrections to jet multiplicity moments - ScienceDirect


QCD corrections to jet multiplicity moments ... TO JET MULTIPLICITY MOMENTS E.D. MALAZA and B.R. WEBBER Cavendish .... V.S. Fadin, V.A. Khose, A. Bassetto, M. Ciafaloni, G. Marchesini, A.H. Mueller, ... TASSO Collab., M. Althoff et al.

Liquid Jet Instability and Atomization in a Coaxial Gas Stream


such a power law has been given only recently (Lasheras et al 1998). Equally ... breakup regimes of a liquid jet by a coaxial gas stream in a Reynolds-Weber number ..... Figure 4 Measured frequency of the interfacial instability, f vs Uc/δω.