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What Wedgie Do You Deserve? - ProProfs Quiz


Do you give or get wedgies? A. Give. B. Get. C. Neither. 3. How long can you stay home alone for? A. 1 hr. B. A day. C. As long as possible. 4. Public or Private?

What Wedgie Do You Deserve? - ProProfs Quiz


Do you give wedgies or get them? A. GIVE EM SO ... How many wedgies have you gotten. A. ... Can You Pass A Middle School Math Quiz? Winter Trivia.

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Wedgie Quizzes - Take or Create Wedgie Quizzes & Trivia. Test yourself with wedgie quizzes, trivia, questions and answers!

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Do u deserve wedgies. Do they make u or inflict Take this quiz! How often do u get wedgies Do u give or recive Wat type do u Get Who gives them 2 u.

What Wedgie Should You Get? - ProProfs Quiz


Find out what wedgie you deserve. Warning : you must let someone give you it after.

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Take this quiz! Are you a boy or girl what underwear do you wear (boys) what underwear do you wear (girls) In school are you considered What type of wedgie.

Personality Quiz: What type of wedgie do you deserve? Only for boys.


Do you deserve an easy side wedgie or a painful hanging wedging? Take this test to see what kind of wedgie you deserve! Take this quiz! What kind of.

Quiz: What do you know about wedgies? - Quizzes


GUYS!!!! ask for friend requests! Take this quiz! What is it called when you are dangling above ground by your underwear? (Usally you are put on a coat hook,

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Do you want a wedgie but do not know which one you want? Then this is the very most perfect quiz for you! Do you deserve an atomic, dragging, hanging, ...

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Take my 4th quiz!!!! Take this survey! How old are you? What kind of underwear do you wear most of the time? Do you like to give or receive wedgies? What.