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Structural basis of diverse membrane target recognitions by ankyrins


Nov 10, 2014 ... Wang, Wei et al. found that the ankyrin protein fragment bound to the ... neurons and muscles (Bennett and Chen, 2001; Bennett and Healy, 2009). ...... Wang C, Wei Z, Chen K, Ye F, Yu C, Bennett V, Zhang M, 2014, ANK ...

Patients with Old Age or Proximal Tumors Benefit from Metabolic ...


Mar 5, 2014 ... Xiao-li Wei,<sup>#1</sup> Miao-zhen Qiu,<sup>#1</sup> Huan-xin Lin,<sup>#2</sup> Ying Zhang,<sup>2</sup> Jian-xin Liu,<sup>2</sup> Hong-mei ..... Yang et al. found that elevated glucose or diabetes mellitus and elevated ..... Healy LA, Ryan AM, Carroll P, Ennis D, Crowley V, et al.

Impact Of White Matter Lesions On Physical Functioning And - Stroke


Moscufo N, Guttmann CR, Meier D, Csapo I, Hildenbrand PG, Healy. BC, et al. .... Wolfson L, Wei X, Hall CB, Panzer V, Wakefield D, Benson RR, et al. Accrual of ...

Melanocortin-1 Receptor Genotype is a Risk Factor for Basal and ...


Neil F. Box,; Wei Chen,; Richard A. Sturm<sup>,</sup> ... UV may only be one factor for BCC, other influences may include diet (Wei et al. ... vs 25 controls, where Asp294His was the only variant examined ( Smith et al. ..... In a similar manner toHealy et al.

OSA | OL Vol. 41 Iss. 8


Mohammad A. Z. Al-Khateeb, Mary McCarthy, Christian Sánchez, and ... Jonathan V. Thompson, Graham A. Throckmorton, Brett H. Hokr, and Vladislav V. Yakovlev ... Kai Jin, Kai Wei, Da-fu Cui, Sui-jian Xue, Yu-dong Zhang, and Zu-yan Xu .... and 90 nm SiO2 on 150 nm Ag. For more, see the paper by Serhatlioglu et al., pp.

Order List - Supreme Court


Jan 11, 2016 ... Court of Hawaii for further consideration in light of DIRECTV,. Inc. v. Imburgia, 577 .... V. HEALY, RICHARD. 15-473 ... TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, ET AL V. COUNTY OF ORANGE, CA. 15-512 ...... IN RE WEI ZHOU.

- Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7


Variabilité Génétique et Maladies Humaines ... I, McQuillan R, Wilson J, Rudan I, Wright A, Campbell H, Leutenegger AL. ... Marron M, Boffetta P, Zhang ZF, Zaridze D, Wünsch-Filho V, Winn DM, Wei Q, Talamini R, ... Agudo A, Talamini R, Polesel J, Canova C, Simonato L, Lowry R, Znaor A, Healy C, McCarten BE, Hashibe ...

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Dec 1, 2015 ... surveys dating from 1990, Hans Bauer et al. estimated that West Central Africa is likely to lose at least half of its ... Andrew Healy, Neil Malhotra, and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo ... Zhenhai Yu, Wei Wu, Qingyang Hu, Jinggeng Zhao, Chunyu .... and Carlo M. Croce. PNAS u December 1, 2015 u vol. 112 u no. 48 u v ...

SurvMicro: assessment of miRNA-based prognostic signatures for ...


and biomarkers (Calin and Croce, 2006; Healy et al., 2012). The roles of ... miRNAs (Raponi et al., 2009; Wei et al., 2013). .... R.Aguirre-Gamboa and V. Trevino.

SurvMicro: assessment of miRNA-based prognostic ... - Bioinformatics


Feb 11, 2014 ... (Calin and Croce, 2006; Healy et al., 2012). The roles of .... NAs signature for survival carcinoma (Wei et al., 2013) in two ... Antonov, a V et al.

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Fat or Fit: What Is More Important? - NCBI - National Institutes of Health


Blair et al. (15) analyzed cardiovascular and all-cause mortality relative risk (RR) for low- (least fit ... In the study of Wei et al. ... According to the HERITAGE Family Study, trainability of Vo2max is highly familial and is .... Recently, Healy et al.

American College of Cardiology Foundation | Journal of the ...


Mar 8, 2016 ... Wei K., Serpooshan V., Hurtado C., et al; Epicardial FSTL1 reconstitution ... Wall S.T., Walker J.C., Healy K.E., et al; Theoretical impact of the ...

The association between cigarette smoking and multiple sclerosis


Oct 3, 2011 ... In 2009 Rodriguez Regal et al. confirmed in a Spanish case–control study the .... In 2009 Healy and colleagues did also not found any association between ... was significantly higher compared to never-smokers (mean 1.2 vs. ...... [68]; F.J. Hans, L. Wei, D. Bereczki, V. Acuff, J. Demaro, J.L. Chen, et al.