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Is your pet overweight? The petMD Healthy Weight Tool will help put your pet on track to healthy weight.

What's a healthy weight for cats? - SheKnows


Feb 4, 2013 ... Your little tubby buddy may be cute, but all that extra weight is unhealthy for him. Just like humans, extra weight puts cats at risk for many ...

Cat Healthy Weight, Exercise, Weight Loss Tips - Pets - WebMD


Or ask at your veterinarian's office and they can show you the chart and help you evaluate where your cat falls. Q: Are some breeds more prone to weight gain?

Growth Chart Tracker - Hill's Pet


Puppy, kitten and pet dieting, cat nutrition and dog nutrition information from Hill's ... Download the PDF version of the Growth Chart to track your pet's weight and ...

Cat Body Shape Guide...Ideal Size and Weight for Cats and Kittens ...


Curious if your cat is actually fat?? Check out our cat body shape guide for a quick and easy way to determine if your cat is above his/her ideal size and weight .

Kitten Weight Chart | Ask The Cat Doctor


A kitten weight chart or growth chart is an important toolto help gauge proper kitten development. With or without their mother cat, akitten should grow steadily,  ...

Cat Weight - Is My Cat Underweight or Overweight | Cat Health ...


A look at the causes of weight gain and weight loss in cats and how to tell if your cat is underweight or overweight. ... The chart below clearly explains this.

Average Weight of a Cat - Pets


Saying all cats should weigh X amount is like saying all cars should get X miles to the gallon. Certain factors affect a cat's ideal weight, including whether they're  ...

CatClaws | Cat facts and cat care tips from our cat experts


Common domestic (not purebred) cats probably ought to weigh from 8 to 12 pounds, and a male will weigh about 2 to 4 pounds more than a female. However  ...

How Do I Determine if My Cat is Overweight? - Pet Education


If you feel your cat is overweight, consult your veterinarian to determine if there are any other medical problems before starting the animal on a weight reduction  ...

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Cat Weight Chart - Cats - LoveToKnow


If you are concerned about your cat's weight, you may want to compare your pet to a feline weight chart. These charts can differ slightly depending on the source,  ...

Ideal Pet Weight Ranges | Association for Pet Obesity Prevention


Ideal Weight Ranges of 2009 Top 10 AKC Breeds. Labrador Retriever ... Ideal Weights of Cat Types. Domestic Cat, 8-10 ... Breed, Average Weight Range (lbs).

Is Your Cat Overweight?| Cat Advice | Purina


Your feline friend is happiest and healthiest when they are at their optimum weight. Visit Purina today to find out how to assess your cat's body condition.