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Weight Gain After Hysterectomy | HealthyWomen


I had a partial hysterectomy four years ago due to fibroids. I was 48 years old ... And it is clear that women often gain weight after menopause. This weight gain ...

Hysterectomy | Women's Health Concern


Nov 19, 2016 ... Hysterectomy means the surgical removal of the uterus (womb) and is ... There is no reason why you should gain weight after a hysterectomy.

Why Do Women Gain Weight After a Hysterectomy? - Livestrong.com


Aug 16, 2013 ... After undergoing a complete hysterectomy in which the ovaries are removed, you may gain notable weight because the body no longer ...

weight gain after total hysterectomy | Reproductive Organs ...


Oct 23, 2014 ... I had a total hysterectomy 16 months ago, I still feel like c**p, sex still hurts, I have a lot of down days, no energy, and I have gained 34 lbs.

Hysterectomy and weight gain - Hysterectomy Association


Apr 17, 2008 ... Many women complain about gaining weight after a hysterectomy and they often put it down to the surgery itself.

After a Hysterectomy: Healthy Lifestyle Tips - WebMD


Jul 13, 2009 ... After a hysterectomy, a healthy lifestyle is no longer an option -- it's a necessity. Suddenly, weight gain is an issue. You may not sleep well.

Is Weight Gain Inevitable After a Hysterectomy? - Wdxcyber.com


Is it inevitable that a hysterectomy is the precursor to weight gain? Not necessarily - but you've got to be willing to do what it will take.

weight gain and stomach pouch after hysterectomy | SparkPeople


It's usual to see weight gain and increasing saggy stomach pouch after hysterectomy surgery. I've had this surgery somewhat 3 years ago and ...

Does anyone 'lose' weight after a hysterectomy for severe ...


... about women putting on all this weight after a partial hysterectomy. .... and at the same time fear 'weight gain' will make me feel even worse!!!

5 years post hysterectomy (2002) Is it possible to lose weight ...


SSRI's (anti-depressant medications) are pills that do not contain enough calories (if any!) that would cause those taking them to gain weight.

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Weight Gain After Hysterectomy - Can You Avoid This ?


Sep 19, 2015 ... Unexpected, sudden weight gain after hysterectomy is an issue for most women after this surgery. Who is most at risk and are there ways to ...

A Prospective Study of Weight Gain after Premenopausal ... - NCBI


The purpose of this analysis was to assess weight gain in premenopausal women in the first year after hysterectomy compared with a control group of women ...

10 Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Hysterectomy


Aug 21, 2014 ... If your gynecologist says it's time for a hysterectomy, you'll need to know what life after hysterectomy is such as your sex after total ...