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The avoirdupois ounce is a measure of weight, 1/16 of an av. pound, about ... A ( US) gallon of water weighs about 8.34 lb at temperature of ...

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Oct 8, 2015 ... 5 Gallons (Us fluid) equals to 18.9270589 Litres (Gallons to Liters Conversion ... 1 gallon of water = 3.78541178 litre | 5 gallon of water ...

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Five gallons of fresh water weigh 41.7 pounds, because each gallon of water equals 8.34 pounds. At the boiling ... How much is 1 cup of water? A: One cup of  ...

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Keep in mind, however, that the density of water, and thus its weight by volume, fluctuates based on its... ... To arrive at the weight of a cubic foot of water, multiply the weight of one gallon of water ... Gold is a dense, heavy metal, and if a 1-gall.

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Cubic cm. 0.002205, 1, 0.001. Cubic inch, 0.036127, 16.387064, 0.0163871. Liter, 2.204684, 1000.028, 1.000028. Gallon, 8.345404, 3785.4118, 3.7854118.

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The weight of water in different formats. ... For assistance in enabling JavaScript, please contact the webmaster. This converter will find the weight of water only!

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Oct 27, 2006 ... The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics specifies the weight of 1 US gallon of water in air at 68 degrees F to be 8.32487 pounds or 3776.103 ...

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This on the web one-way conversion tool converts water volume vs. weight units from US gallons of water ( gal ) into pounds of water ( lb wt. ) instantly online. 1 ...

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How many pounds of water ( lb wt. ) are in 1 U.K. gallon of water ( 1 gal Imp. )? How much of water volume vs. weight from U.K. gallons of water to pounds of ...

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Convert Gallons of Water to Pounds. w = 8.33 q (1). where. w = weight of water ( lbs). q = volume of water (US gallons). Example - Converting Gallons of Water to  ...

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A gallon has 3 different, commonly used, definitions [1]. Imperial (UK) Gallon. The imperial (UK) gallon was originally defined as the volume of 10 lbs of water, ...

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The weight will vary some with the temperature of the water. To begin, we know that by definitions, 1 gallon = 231 in^3*(2.54 cm/in)^4/(1 ...

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The weight of 1 gallon of pure water at room temperature is 8.329 pounds. The weight varies with temperature, ranging from 8.344 pounds at 32 F, the freezing ...